Massad Ayoob Rolls Through Glock To Bless Us With a G43 Opinion Vid

No shooting in the video, just talking:

I feel that knowing Massad Ayoob in real life would automatically make you better and smarter about everything concealed carry related.   He actually “wrote THE book” on concealed carry… numerous books actually. Did Massad cash a check after this video? I don’t know maybe… either way I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that if you like Glocks (he does), I’m assuming you’d probably like this G43.

Here’s Glock’s national sales Manager Bob Radecki shooting it:

Glock-Single-Stack-9mm-G43*shrug* looks fine to me.  Watching someone else shoot a gun is like watching someone else drive a Ferrari though.  I have to do it myself.



13 responses to “Massad Ayoob Rolls Through Glock To Bless Us With a G43 Opinion Vid”

  1. Cool man, they spend like 2 hours with the gun and shot a dozen boxes of ammo among the group. That’s a pretty comprehensive opinion video of the gun.

  2. Antagon Avatar

    Good ole Massage A’Boob. Still sounds kinda drunk. Good to know some things never change.

    1. GuruOGuns Avatar

      Yep. Sat thru of few of his classes at the Chapman Academy….beer makes things go smoother. LOL

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Lol massage a boob. Did you just make that up?

      1. GuruOGuns Avatar

        That’s been the name his ehhhh non fan bois been calling him for ages.

  3. Smooth Operator Avatar
    Smooth Operator

    C’mon Massad, I have a lot of respect for you. Don’t go full glocktard on us. You and I know this is not the first subcompact 9mm and there are some very good alternatives on the market.
    (Insert rambling of how I EDC a Shield in warm weather and would never switch to a G43)

  4. Joey Jojo Jr. Avatar
    Joey Jojo Jr.

    Bottom line on the G43…it’s not like the Affordable Care Act; you aren’t required by law to buy it.

    If you think you’d like to carry one and shoot it, buy one and be happy. If you don’t want to, don’t buy it, shut up, and be happy….:)

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      +1 to that.

  5. Single stack Glock … yawn but whatever lifts your skirt.
    Anything from Mas or with him in it though, that’s good stuff.

    I like the comment about “knowing Mas in real life” would make you smarter better etc for concealed carry. That is the truth – if you carry concealed or even simply just own a defensive firearm, you need to take his MAG-40 class (formerly LFI-I). Forty hours of valuable info. Only class in the industry I’m aware of with the emphasis and the expertise to tell you WHEN you need to shoot, and how to handle the legal aftermath if you do. After all you don’t know what you don’t know. No shill here just a satisfied former student, even got my wife to go to MAG-40.

    1. GuruOGuns Avatar

      He certainly don’t need any shills, made a helluva a career by being a reserve cop in Mayberry.

    2. jim bob Avatar

      if i recall, if you take his class and shoot someone, he will testify at your trial. try that with buck yeager, where all you get with purchase is threatened for carrying a .45.

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        If Costa would testify, fanbois would be shooting people on purpose just to get to see him again.

  6. Bruh Bruh Avatar
    Bruh Bruh

    I like it, I just dont know if its something id carry. It seems too big and small. To big for deep concealmemt, too small for open carry. Ill pick one up after i get a shield real cheap now that everyones going to want the 43. I learned from buyng the 42 to wait till the hype has settled.

    Anyone else REALLY want to see some 22rd extendos for the 42/43?