Jerry Miculek Doing It For TV But Still Not In The Dictionary

Shootout Lane:

Shootout Lane is a new reality series following Jerry Miculek and his family as they cover everything from matches, day to day life, and a behind the scenes look at the filming of our YouTube videos! See a behind the scenes look at the life of ‘The First Family of Shooting’!

Premieres on the Outdoor Channel April 1st (next Wednesday).  It’s sad that because (I’m guessing) this show won’t be a train wreck with drama and safety violations it probably won’t ever get big time popular…. like Kardashian levels.   You need to be a mess to make it there.  Funny as I was typing Kardashian I assumed the red dots would appear underneath it because it’s a surname not a dictionary word.  Nope… it’s in Chrome’s dictionary.  Miculek isn’t though!  *adjusts tinfoil hat*

Jerry-MiculekI own a 55″ tv that has razor thin bezel and is less than an inch thick *lifestyle flex*, but haven’t had cable or satellite in 10 years.  I hope Outdoor Channel puts up the full episodes online or YouTube, but I’m guessing that’s unlikely.  I picture Jerry being a beast with the contracts though, so maybe he worked that in for us.



6 responses to “Jerry Miculek Doing It For TV But Still Not In The Dictionary”

  1. Don’t get that channel. I hope it’ll be a glorified version of his youtube. Just going places and shooting guns.

    Woe be unto whomever dares a home invasion on him. Oh dear lord it would be like breaking one of the Seals from Revelations.

    It would be like those punks hassling the T-800 but times a zillion.

  2. Is Outdoor Channel on Roku? We just said good bye to cable. I’m looking forward to this.

  3. Quasimofo Avatar

    In this week’s episode: “Lena catches Brock sneaking back from the range and putting his rifles in the safe without cleaning them first. Jerry and Kay have a shoot-off to figure out who’s cleaning the dinner dishes tonight. Jim talks about his upcoming gender reassignment surgery with the family. “

  4. i have such a bad feeling about this

  5. I don’t really care for TV much anymore, but I’d give this a chance. The president of the USPSA club I shoot with used to shoot with the Clarks and Jerry back in the late 80s and early 90s. One remark he always makes is that Kay Clark-Miculek was the toughest lady he has ever encountered. If they are in real life who they are on YT, they might just be a bunch of decent folks who are also fun to watch and talented shootists. I hope the show has at least brief moments of instruction from Jerry, Kay, or Lena. And if there’s a narrator, I hope it’s Dugan Ashley.

    10/10 would operate with entire family

  6. Couchtuner is a godsend, period, but I don’t know whether it’ll carry any of the Outdoor Channel shows.