Pudding And Water Balloon Ballistic Protection


Water balloons:

Water-Balloon-Shooting-Slow-MotionDespite way too much talking, the 2nd video is especially cool where the balloon actually slows the slug down and holds it captive so the host can just pluck it out.

The 2nd video shouldn’t surprise anyone who has shot water before.  The pudding is a non-newtonian fluid so that explains the first one.


3 responses to “Pudding And Water Balloon Ballistic Protection”

  1. Vitsaus Avatar

    Joe Biden will now advocate wearing pudding instead of body armor, since civilians don’t need armor, and pudding it just as good.

  2. Tallbloke Avatar

    Nothing wrong with some good custard – you yanks just don’t know what a good pudd is…

    Although for giggles look at the head to head at 2:31 – me thinks they gave the game away.

  3. I’m going to see if the fingers in your ears method will pass muster next time I’m on the range.