EDC For The Tactical Warrior Sheepdog

Two revolvers!  His backup one is even rimfire (.22LR).  I can hear a million heads explode before they realize it’s a troll vid.

Caleb-Giddings-ENDO2:50 – Tertiary backup is the Lionheart LH9.  So hipster.  You’ve probably never heard of it.

Good stuff.


8 responses to “EDC For The Tactical Warrior Sheepdog”

  1. Tantal74 Avatar

    He had me convinced at stabbing Jeff Goldblum. BRB selling all my guns and buying revolvers and a flail.

    1. Starvinpilgrim Avatar

      Stabbing Jeff Goldblum got me too!

  2. Doghouse Avatar

    “…in case I get into a shady situation with them Duke boys.” 10/10. Would EDC with.

  3. umop_3pisdn Avatar

    lol srs operators carry hammers


  4. I was really hoping it would end with a screenshot of himself with all that crap strapped on.

  5. Vitsaus Avatar

    Worth a few chuckles. Not enough folks are making fun of youtube preppers.

  6. Stuart Anderson Avatar
    Stuart Anderson

    This was one of the best EDC videos I’ve seen. Guys fucking hilarious. Keep up the good work man!

  7. cardsfanbj Avatar

    I love how people are actually taking it seriously even though the preview image is of him holding a hammer…