Costa In Japan Playing Airsoft At Peace Combat

Lost a lot of good men that day:

Thumb over bore is so hot in the airsoft community as you can see, in order to handle that extreme recoil.  Same with those AFG grips.. so crucial. Keymod.. same thing. Picatinny just doesn’t cut it anymore if you’re a TIER -23 bb thrower.

haha @ those operator HESCO barriers too.  Gotta make sure plastic rounds don’t over penetrate and kill too many people.

homer-jump-sharkMaybe it’s just me, but seeing Costa play airsoft and do this whole Japan thing makes me feel bad for him. I know there’s nothing I can do to help him… just have to hope he’s happy with his decisions.

From what I hear and see on the internet…those Japanese guys maybe don’t have girlfriends, but they have love pillows and Costa and that’s pretty much just as awesome.

Thoughts?  What’s with the romantic elevator music at the end?  Creeped me out.

If you missed the Costa Japan memes, I compiled them on that linked post.

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29 responses to “Costa In Japan Playing Airsoft At Peace Combat”

  1. Tantal74 Avatar

    I gotta give the guy a break. I’m sure Japanese airsofters buy a crap ton of magpul and magpul knockoff stuff because this is as close as they’ve got to the real thing. Same goes for all the pirated Magpul Dynamics videos I’m sure every person there has watched a dozen times. Costa is a bit of a celebrity, and despite his arm band shark jumping ways he seems like a pretty cool guy and seemed to genuinely enjoy spending time with fans. Even if those fans are shooting plastic BBs at each other and sleeping next to a Chris Costa branded body pillow with his likeness printed on it.

    1. Umm. You don’t have to be Japanese to have watched the pirated Magpul Dynamics videos. ^__^

  2. Raisedby_dogs Avatar

    I hate to say it… but he just looks like he is having a lot of fun.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      It was in the contract :P

      1. Raisedby_dogs Avatar

        haha lol

  3. Jim Jones Avatar
    Jim Jones

    It’s a rather sad statement on humanity, if you ask me. These men, who would like nothing more than to learn to handle weapons, are relegated to playing with plastic toys because what? Guns are dangerous? The genie has been out of the bottle for a while now, and there is no putting it back in there. Just like nukes. It’s no wonder that humans who are more cunning and capable end up taking everything they can for themselves. Most people just let them. When they are done raiding our great country, and the American Experiment starts to fracture, I am going to have to figure out where to plant my stake. Hopefully, there are still some men and women out there who value freedom.

    1. Morgan Avatar

      It’s interesting you mention raiding countries and putting nuke genies back in bottles. Just to put things into perspective here for you, Japanese disarmament began during a time of Western influence in the East and specifically the US navy blockading Japanese ports to force trade agreements. Then, after the defeat of the Japanese Empire in World War 2, forced disarmament took place as a term of surrender. The Japanese were never willingly disarmed.

      What I’m really saying is, you can basically blame American expansionism for Costa-gate.

      1. dillon Avatar

        Unfortunately true. I’m glad you pointed this out. The US didn’t just hand over a copy of our own constitution and rights to defeated Japan and Germany and say, “here ya go, rebuild with this as your new foundation.” If we’re to lead by example, wouldn’t we have? Food for thought for sure…

        1. KestrelBike Avatar

          Yeah but if the US hadn’t banned the Japanese from the air industry (basically to protect Boeing/Grumman/etc’s marketshare under the guise of demilitarization), those airplane designers wouldn’t have gone to the next best thing and created the most beautiful/powerful superbikes on earth.

          1. Morgan Avatar

            If the Japanese manufacturing and design industry was mass producing cutting edge firearms technology, then the Tracking Point would be a ten year old import to the USA right now. They built a robot that plays soccer, for Pete’s sake.

      2. balais Avatar

        Your statement is very true.

        If you go back further, gun and sword restrictions in Japan date back to the date the first firearms were introduced in the 16th century. The purpose was simple: those pesky non-nobles could not be trusted with arms. Thus, the feudal hierarchy was maintained until being replaced by power hungry oligarchs during the Meiji restoration.

        Japan has always had a love of statist paternism and controlling hierarchies. Such aspirations to “serve” elites continue even today, which explains why they have the extremely low crime rates that they do…at the cost of a de facto police state and low emphasis on individual liberty of course. if you think the judicial system in many developing nations is harsh, you should read about japans sometime.

  4. Andy Wolf Avatar
    Andy Wolf

    I think he’s doing his job. Magpul is the cats meow in JP, airsoft is as close as they can get to the real thing. He’s on a goodwill mission to a fucked up place.

  5. Part of me….just part of me was hoping a redhead in a school uniform and a Beretta would show up.

    Sabagebu reference.

  6. Degan Fain Avatar
    Degan Fain

    I don’t like Chris Costa. I have been in a course with him before and he is a groupie wannabe. He was the only one there wearing a full set of multicams looking like a douche. I just don’t respect that. If you spend as much time acting out a military/kinetic lifestyle as he does, but never actually do it in real life (contracting doesn’t count), well that’s just something I don’t understand. His CQB is sub par and he teaches a lot of weird stuff that I can say for certain, he has never tested when bullets are flying or when it really matters. Just my opinion.

    1. elephantrider Avatar

      ^^^ I’ll 2nd this ^^^ I to have been in one of his classes (before I knew any better) and in he is a douchebag in addition to being a poor instructor. Even when he is trying to, he does not (or maybe cannot?) teach fundamentals well at all. From what I have seen he cannot even explain proper pistol shooting mechanics. His focus is seldom on helping students, it is more about him putting on a show featuring him. He spends way to much class time having students burn copious rounds on pointless drills that do not develop any useful skills. It seems now he mostly caters to the unknowing, or unsuspecting that fall into the cult of Costa. Not to mention, in person, his general attitude and demeanor are that of the “cool” kid in high school trying to impress everyone (e.g. talking about screwing a female student once, <– FYI no one cares bro, we're not impressed).

      Case in point; Costa explaining pistol shooting grip (about min 1:25 his two handed "technique" explanation kicks in):

      Spends a ton of time showing what not to do with his lame exaggerated examples. 'It's an explosion in your hands' whoa mind blown bro!!! "Dominate over the gun", "sight package", "start to drive", "surgical" ??? how much time does he spend making this shit up???
      Be as rigid as possible, roll your shoulders, and crane your neck forward??? His technique is the exact opposite of just about every accomplished competitive pistol shooter. Maybe if he wasn't so rigid all the time he wouldn't need all the fancy arm tape for his forearms and elbows.
      Look at your sights and track them? Really Chris? you mean I should look at my sights when shooting? Who would have known that sights were so important?

  7. “Tier 23 BB Thrower” LOL too funny!

  8. Vitsaus Avatar

    At least he can say he’s been in combat now.

    1. You weren’t there, man
      You weren’t there….

  9. I play airsoft.
    Not this kind of airsoft, where you’re 30+ in a small, dedicated area with hi-cap magazines (300bbs is the standard), because this one is closer to paintball in my (humble) opinion, and I don’t like it. I feel superior to none because of how I decided to play. I play because, YES, this is as close as I can get to the real thing, and we can actually shoot at each other, and this is fun. We can see who’s the best, who escapes, who “survives”, who isn’t careful enough, who isn’t fast enough. We don’t think we’re soldiers, or killers, or anything like it.
    Plus we can test some techniques we’ve seen or learnt in the real world (and most of them Magpul-ninja moves don’t work, not a surprise Costa is out quite quickly).

    I’d rather agree with Tantal74 and give the guy a break, (here) he’s not trying to sell anything, he’s just paid to hang out with some “customers”. That’s marketing, or customer relastionship, call it how you want, and it’s cool if they are all having fun. I’d be pretty proud to say I managed to shoot Chris Costa during an airsoft game…

    Shooting at targets with real weapons is a lot of fun! Shooting at people with weapon replicas is also fun. Not the same kind though. Like driving a supercar and watching Full Metal Jacket with your buddies. Both are fun, but not the same fun.

    1. Bill #2 Avatar

      Unsurprisingly, your screen name is jeep. You don’t happen to also drink Stella Artois?

      1. Suddenly, Unexpected Bill!

        1. Didn’t get it, Bill#2. Could you explain?

          And my screen name is Jeep because I own a WW2 US Willys Jeep, I like the freedom it represents (still today) and I like the fact that Popeye’s magic friend could turn invisible.

    2. Grindstone Avatar

      I played airsoft. While I was in the military. *gasp*
      It’s fun. Sure there’s lots of kids who treat it a little more real than is reasonable, but so what? The bottom line is those kids are now incredibly interested in being gun owners when they’re legal. Airsoft is a gateway drug. And as such it should be supported, not ridiculed. Unless you don’t want to foster a good future for American gun owners.

  10. CisGenderedWhiteMale Avatar

    Let the people have some fun.

    1. Fun leads to happiness. We can’t have that.

  11. Back in college I had a couple Japanese guys in a class. Took them out to the farm and let them shoot an AK and some other stuff. It was like they died and got their 72 virgins. They’ve been friends ever since and that was in the 90s. The Japanese (and most other Asians) are deprived of one of the most basic joys men have — shooting.

  12. sivl32 Avatar

    “Is he on our team?” hahaha i don’t understand airsoft at paintball you have obvious tags, in airsoft you have the honor system?? idk

    1. MattCFII Avatar

      Because in airsoft sinve it is generally also a tacticool fashiin show, you generally split by camo type, tan based one side, green based the other. None of those non-tactical arm bands for us!

      I’ve jut been getting back into airsoft, started in my college when I was far from home and couldn’t shoot much. Got heavier back into guns as I got deeper into adulthood/parenthood. Last summer was starting to take the 3 gun leap with a few matches and decided to focus more on Airsoft as a fun time/training tool. I believe Airsoft (and even paintball) done right can is overall better than 3 Gun (but it is still worthwhile and will be doing a few matches some).

      As for Costa generally agree that “when in Rome,” Airsoft has a much different following and Japanese culture has a much different attitude. But I’ve always prefered Haley anyways…

  13. Yallan Avatar

    Airsoft is the least gay sport, truth hurts.