Russian Operators In Training

Russian-Roulette-Revolver-Alcohol-GunBad guys… hostages…EVERYONE is dead.  I can’t tell by that guy’s YouTube page who posted this, who exactly this is that is training.  It seems pretty relaxed and a lot of giggling / laughing which we wouldn’t normally see from Special Forces anyway.

Hat tip: no uno


6 responses to “Russian Operators In Training”

  1. Rootbeer Joe Avatar
    Rootbeer Joe

    Dropping 40-MikeMike like fucking beads at Mardi Gras, I like it!

  2. Remember the theater siege when they pumped in “knockout gas”? Oopsie. And the Beslan school crisis as well… stormed a school full of kids and Chechens with BMPs and incendiary grenades. Russians don’t mess around lol

    1. KestrelBike Avatar

      To be fair, the chechens were killing kids left and right, and a fire started. They had go to in.

  3. In America you break law. In Soviet Russia law breaks you.

  4. 40 hostages, 4 terrorists, 44 body bags. Mission accomplished.

  5. These dudes are from Specnaz VV MVD – Ministry of Interior’s SF. American equivalent would be SF teams in National Guard, with counterinsurgency and SWAT-typical duties.
    This particular team and the dude who posted it are based in Ingushetia and are usually called in when some jihadists have to get rekt. Dropping 40mm like nobody’s business (out of GM-94, no less) is just morning workout for them. Check out his channel, there are some real action vids.