Juxtaposition Of Big Larry Vuitton And Miniature Guns

LAV takes it to Arsenal Firearms in Moscow behind the scenes with Tac TV (three parts in this playlist):

Video#1 – 0:57 – Calls himself “homeslice”

Video#1 – 3:58 – Damn, that guy is missing the tips of all his fingers!  Machining accidents are nasty.

LAV shoots them:

Larry-Vickers-Miniature-GunsThose miniatures all look amazing.  At 2:42 – Is that bullet rolling around in flight about to keyhole?  Do they not rifle the barrels?


16 responses to “Juxtaposition Of Big Larry Vuitton And Miniature Guns”

  1. don’t sell any to the Chinese or you will loose your exclusiveness buy copying the shit out of those cool little guns…..;)
    and larry … homeslice??…come on dog…..lol

  2. Denver Chris Avatar
    Denver Chris

    I know it’s likely user error that resulted in the lost fingertips, but it’s hilarious that while they’re showing a closeup of the machinist’s hand, the voiceover is talking about how good their CNC machines are…the same machines that fucked up his fingers

    1. Hahaha, I picked up on that too, too funny!

  3. holy frickin cool.

  4. Wouldn’t the rifles require a tax stamp?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I’m assuming so. They are in Moscow though in this video.

  5. Did you catch the bullet tumbling backwards out of the barrel at 2:42 lol

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha yea I wrote that in the post!

      1. doyletoo Avatar

        tumbling as I understand it isn’t always a problem with the gun, but due to a combination of the bullet weight and rifling twist. If it’s not compatible combination then you get tumbling.
        This may have been a compromise just to get the scaled bullets to work reliably.

        1. Donte'sReek Avatar

          I’d contribute it mostly to lack of rifling in the barrel if I had to guess. Now if they took the time to machine the correct rifling tool setup for these I’d be highly, highly impressed.

    2. Yeah that thing was flipping all over the place.

      Colour me disappointed that there weren’t any db tests on that suppressor, mag change timing scenarios, or tactical shoot house scenes with these weapons. If you’re going to make tiny mags then damnit you gotta make tiny mag pouches, tiny vests, and just tiny loadout gear in general. That tiny AK with a suppressor coming out of a custom kydex holster on the LAV’s hip would have made my day.

  6. I was expecting to be underwhelmed with some kind of pinfire single-shot miniatures. These are cool, dawg. Homeslice isn’t impressed with pinfire though.

  7. GuruOGuns Avatar

    Those were full sized guns, Larry been to Krispy Creme again.

  8. I want see one used by Gizmo or any other equivalent Mogwai

  9. the OrIgInAl Kyle Avatar
    the OrIgInAl Kyle

    Homeslice doesn’t deal in theory DAWG!! WhAt?! LOLZ! Hey cool miniatures

  10. About time toddlers started earning their keep, set them on guard duty with mini AK.