Pump Shotguns Automatically Ejecting A Shell

3:15 – When you don’t wear your eye pro, sometimes the shotgun will check you and fix that ;)  I can’t imagine wearing earbud headphones and shooting 3.5″ magnum loads is at all adequate for db reduction.

4:05 – Cool it actually did eject it.  I experienced the forend coming back like that when I had my Remington 870.. I didn’t think to do any science like he did though and shoot without holding it to see what would happen.

Royal-Nonesuch-ENDOKnowing RN, I’m surprised he didn’t build some sort of spring contraption and force multiplier just ahead of the receiver to force the forend back ahead which would also chamber a new round.  On a slamfire capabable shotgun like the 870 Law Enforcement (and marine?) versions you could get an auto haha.



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  1. Doesn’t this happen if one of your finger presses in the bolt lock release lever a little bit?

  2. I was buying headphones to help with noise at work, and skull candy headphones are actually rated for 20 db. I might not use them with my .300, but definitely with a shotty.

  3. derpmaster Avatar

    I’ve never seen this happen on my Browning BPS (hipster pump, aww yeah) but I’m certainly going to test this next time I pull it out of the safe.

  4. Benelli (and Stoeger) have been using this concept for years. It’s how the Inertia Driven System in their auto loading shotguns works:

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Cool thanks for the vid!

  5. Smoothest bumper music in the gun vid biz..

    1. Definitely. The gfx need some serious love though; it looks like he just magnified some early 90’s clip art.

  6. GreenMountain Human Avatar
    GreenMountain Human

    I rock a modified Rem 870, anyone’s opinion is appreciated. is it a slam fire special? I thought I was pretty well up on it, but I wasn’t aware of that. Thoughts?

  7. Drapetomanius Avatar

    Does anyone else suspect this guy is related to, possessed by, or the reincarnation of St. Browning? Not because he’s rocking the firearms world (which has pretty much plateaued) but because this is exactly the kind of mechanical curiosity that drives all great inventors.

  8. My Marine Magnum 870 will not slam fire.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Aw damn. I thought those were all like the LE models.