History Of The Magnum Revolver

Xbox Ahoy takes a look:

Glock-Revolver-21RGood as always.  That COD scoped combat revolver is hilarious.

I hope these videos have the side effect of educating gaming nerds who aren’t familiar the firearms actually have a history outside of the games they play.

<— That Glock revolver tho…



8 responses to “History Of The Magnum Revolver”

  1. blehtastic Avatar

    I wish there were more (any) Schofield inspired modern revolvers.

  2. The only problem is their parroting of the myth that revolvers are more reliable and simpler than semi-autos. I’m a HUGE fan of old S&W revolvers and own several. I used to carry a 3″ SP101 .357magnum. I’m here to tell you that revolvers are FAR from simple. Remove the side plate from a S&W and it looks like a watch inside. Ruger isn’t much better. Revolvers MUST be kept clean or the cylinder will carbon up and resist rotation and/or not kick out spent cases. Go to a few matches where people actually show up to shoot “Revolver” division and that’s where you’ll see most of your malfunctions (bad handloads, warped moon clips, dirty cylinders, sticky chambers, etc.). Perhaps in the very early 1900s revolvers were more reliable, as the semi-auto was still getting its kinks ironed out, but that hasn’t been true since the 1920s.

    1. derpmaster Avatar

      It’s a myth perpetuated by people who limp wrist semi autos. Revolvers aren’t affected by limp wristing and don’t have the ftf/fte failures that you get when you don’t have a firm grip on a semi.

      With a semi, a common malfunction can be cleared in seconds, barring the catastrophic, like a case separation. In a revolver, most failures tend to be catastrophic to the point where your gun is totally inoperable and won’t even open. I’ve seen it happen numerous times, and there isn’t an easy in the field fix.

  3. Squirreltakular Avatar

    Love the Glock revolver. Is that a selector switch? Auto revolver FTW.

  4. Did he just claim that the 44 magnum was the most powerful handgun in the world? Thats so untrue it hurts. Heck, I’ve seen a 45-70 revolver that makes the 44 mag look like a 22lr

    1. Drapetomanius Avatar

      He’s just quoting Dirty Harry.

  5. “While exhibiting such power can often be vulgar…”

    Hmm, seems Ahoy might be a Pantera fan.

  6. I feel like it would be funny if he did an episode on the ‘mythical .22lr’, doing nothing but jokes about it’s immense power and mythical rarity of being found at your local store