Proving You’re A Man By Shooting A With One Hand

Shooting .500 S&W with two hands is for housewives and little girls apparently:

Sons-Of-Guns-Stephanie-Hayden-DerpJoking of course.  If you’ve been around guns or gun videos on the internet for more than a few weeks, there’s a good chance you already know that this type of video ends only a couple ways.  I’m always surprised that people are willing to risk their friend’s safety, or wellbeing at the very least for a video and some laughs at their expense.

Hat tip: SayUncle


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  1. Smooth Operator Avatar
    Smooth Operator

    I have seen this video before and laughed hard, but at the end of the day Kern is a lucky SOB.

    Look at the one frame I found most alarming in the link below. I hope there wasn’t more than one bullet loaded because Kern certainly did nominate himself for the 700 grain Darwin Award.

    1. Ummm… no. I am not going to downplay how retarded this was but it’s a revolver. There is no way he could pull the (double action) trigger again with all the flopping and the bullet had left the barrel before the gun even recoiled.

      He could have brained himself with a huge chunk of steel, but the revolver was not going to magically “go off” while in mid air.

      1. I’ve seen several videos of people accidentally double tapping the 500/460. It almost always happens with a two-handed grip though. The gun rolls up in the hand from the intentional shot and the roll goes so far that it pulls the trigger on its own. YT search for “scary 500 magnum double tap”. That one has slo-mo. There are several videos of people shooting over the berm or through the roof of the firing line.

      2. Smooth Operator Avatar
        Smooth Operator

        Its common knowledge to never load more than one in a double action for new shooters trying big rounds.
        As mentioned there are plenty of videos of people firing the second shot because they can’t control the recoil or because they lost grip of the gun and are trying to regain it.
        With the recoil of a 700 grain .500 magnum if his finger was anywhere in that trigger guard it would be no surprise if the gun went off again pointed straight at his face.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      LOL best screenshot ever. Nice one.

  2. ya he was in no real danger, just a possible broken nose etc lol, but ya f that… i use both hands when shooting a 500 SW…

  3. fiteorflight Avatar

    forget hurting your friend, that poor gun ended up on the ground *sniff*

    1. A tear may or may not have rolled down my cheek when i saw that.

  4. Stan Darsh Avatar

    This is the reason to load a single round when giving a new shooter a .460/.500 magnum, and this is just the most recent case:

  5. Yeah, we need to have a double tap that makes a canoe out of someone’s head so that funny videos can end and only the idiots will be removed from the gene pool. of course such a video wouldn’t air, sadly. I use a video of a revolver double tap in my NRA pistol class…along with a bunch of other negligent discharges that were meant to be funny. you play stupid games, you get stupid prizes.


    wonder what grain she was shooting. She certainly holds one handed with it, quite successfully.

    1. ah, 350, finally found the comment. still, wonder if she could have handled it.

  7. Hashtag_butt Avatar

    I am more worried about my gun if someone is stupid enough to do something that dumb without properly understanding the recoil related their safety is none of my concern obvioslly they make bad descisons who am I to stand between them and their ultimate fate just don’t fuck up my gun