Kirsten Joy Weiss Talking Dry Firing

60 frames per second of pure hotness plus something about dry firing:

Looking like ELSA with the side braid GOT ME FROZEN…. Sorry guys, dat thirst again. Would take for ice cream and ask about her day.  What’s with pro shooting girls being good looking though damn?  I think I mentioned before, I’ve been known to creep olympic shooter Amanda Furrer’s Instagram on occasion too, and just the heads up if you’re out of the loop… click through and see she’s model status as well. Tell her ENDO sent you. Wait don’t… already if I ever meet her or Kirsten in real life I’ll probably just turn beet red, have a creepy nervous grin on my face and not be my regular smooth operator self (that I pretend I am in my head, because I rarely leave the crib and talk to actual females). *hat tip* m’lady.

Kristen-Joy-WeissThis is one of those times where “Would operate with?” is superfluous, so I’m just going to say thanks for reading and leave a comment on something if you wish.

You can’t even get a bad screen cap of Kirsten.  Well maybe there was one I could have taken when she was in mid-blink that looked derpy… but I didn’t want to disrespect in hopes she would actually start returning my texts. :P

Guys I verified her elbows aren’t pointy in advance by looking at past videos, just because I knew the question would come up.



22 responses to “Kirsten Joy Weiss Talking Dry Firing”

  1. KestrelBike Avatar

    oh goodness, ass jiggle at 3:10 :D

    1. Yup. I told her she had a nice ass before. I’m not thirsty though so I can say stuff like that and get away with it.

  2. “What’s with pro shooting girls being good looking though damn?”

    Natural selection. Seriously.

    Intelligence and physical attractiveness tend to be desirable qualities in a wife, and such women tend to be better able to tie down wealthy men. Guns also happen to be expensive. The result is typically beautiful, intelligent children born to parents who are able to support and encourage them to pursue their interests.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      That does make sense actually!

  3. Big Jimmy Avatar

    there is another “dry firing” joke there…something about watching too many of her videos in one day…

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      *smh* LOL

  4. Another chick trying to make money off lonely guys clicking her thumbnails.

    1. Uh… no. KJW is a hell of a shooter and makes great vids that I can show to my girlfriend and female friends.

      No white knighting here, but fuck off.

      1. Jeff Lindblom Avatar
        Jeff Lindblom

        Absolutely, TheBear – “hell of a shooter” is an understatement.

        From her Lapua bio page (, here’s what she did in 2012, right before the video gig got big for her:

        – Women’s National Champion – NRA National Smallbore Championships
        – NRA National Smallbore Championships – Silver Medal Overall
        – Olympic Short-List
        – Top Performing US Athlete – Munich World Cup
        – U.S. Olympic Trials – 8th place overall

        Kirsten is the real deal.

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar


    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Nah, I have to agree with the guys below. She can’t help she’s good looking… she was a pro shooter racking up wins long before YouTube.

    3. Because you’d be way more interesting to watch I’m sure.

  5. Chuck in IL Avatar
    Chuck in IL

    KJW Is “babelicious” for sure. But more than that, she knows her stuff. And her videos are fun to watch, because she is usually having fun herself.

  6. Socialkaos Avatar

    00:10 oh that ass

  7. i would be so distracted around her, i might prematurely eject a round.

  8. WTF is up with her foundation not matching her natural skin tone? I don’t fuck with basic bitches that don’t even know how to use make-up. 4/10, would bang but not call back or operate with.

  9. Stuart Anderson Avatar
    Stuart Anderson

    I would operate her…

  10. Raisedby_dogs Avatar

    That Amanda… So hot right now. 10/10

  11. Jim Jones Avatar

    The prettier the girl, the more confident you have to be. Attractive women are used to having men turn into bumbling idiots in front of them. However, they, like all other women alive, want a strong confident man to take control. If you don’t think so, you have no game.

  12. Wow, way to be creepy guys…

    1. GreenMountain Human Avatar
      GreenMountain Human

      Seriously. yo. Obviously she’s pretty, but she’s not an object. Have some respect. You think ladies are impressed by your wannabe swagger and idiotic comments? I think your momma taught you better than that. Confidence is key, but c’mon, play nice.

      1. You can usually tell the dudes online who make catcalls irl and will never sleep with better than a 5 with kids unless they pay for it.