Polenar Tactical 2014 Highlights Contain Manca

My vitamin M was depleted because she’s in none of the new vids… well she’s in this highlights reel:

Manca-Polenar-TacticalYea not enough Manca, I agree.  These guys had a lot of good videos in 2014. I’m partial to the funny ones so I wish they would stick to those over educational ones. Some of that non-funny stuff just looks dangerous to me haha. “LIFE IS DANGEROUS MIKE” yea yea.

Thoughts? Your Vitamin M levels partially back up as well?

Related note: I honestly thought Pateron was mainly going to prove to be a bust for most YouTubers, but Polenar seems to be doing decently well on there. $515 per Thursday’s video *not bad Obama face* from 85 patrons. Beats doing it for free.


7 responses to “Polenar Tactical 2014 Highlights Contain Manca”

  1. GreenMountain Human Avatar
    GreenMountain Human

    Vitamin M partially restored. She really needs to feature more prominently in their videos, especially the more humorous ones. It’s nice to see gun girls in these YT videos, where they’re not just used to draw in viewers with a pair of tiny shorts. Can’t imagine who that would be…

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Yea she’s cool. I fully agree.

  2. You act as if tiny shorts are bad… But I agree, it’s good to see a woman shooter.

    Vitamin M levels returning to near normal.

  3. NotoriousAPP Avatar

    Patreon is exactly what the online blog/media community needed. Someone just needed to easy to contribute to these resources and that’s what patreon did. I use it to contribute to four separate podcast. Anything that helps the mainstream media gatekeepers fall… I’m all for it.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Ya I really underestimated people putting their hard earned money behind something they could have for free! Glad to see it’s working out and people are supporting. I can’t ever see the mainstream gatekeepers as you call them failing… But as shown above I have been wrong once or twice :P

  4. raisedby_dogs Avatar

    they had me at duel wielding Jesus.

  5. quite interesting eastern Europeans seem to have more gun rights than NYers.