History Of The M16 Rifle

Xbox Ahoy with another history lesson:

Adopted by the US Army in 1962.  Definitely ahead of it’s time… and still today doesn’t look dated at all consider its basic form is 53 years old (almost 60 years considering its design cues are from the AR-10).

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Gat tip: Kyle


2 responses to “History Of The M16 Rifle”

  1. To take a quote from CarniK Con “How many tens of billions of people need to be shot right in the face before a weapon system becomes accepted” Just reading through the comments you get the typical ak-47s are better and such I mean really the M16 is not going any where why such the hate? Are they jelly? lol

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Hahaha best CarnikCon quote ever. He should put that on a shirt.

      Oh man ya YouTube comments are always good for a laugh.