Covering All The Operator Bases

Oh lawwwwwd.  I’m just going to list some timestamps and points here that I laughed at:

As soon as I saw it was a video by “Shortbarrel Shepherd” I LOL’d because that name is TIER -23 derp and I remember laughing about it a long time ago when I posted a video of him talking about how he invented short barreled rifles.

0:01 – We’re off to a good start with the Cereberus inspired logo.  Ya dogs are cool, and ones with three heads are badass sure.. but why for a guy who calls himself the shortbarrel shepherd?

0:11 – Ok so there is a wide range of tacticallity and operationality going on here… shemagh (scarf), standard beard, pacing with hands up simulating something is about to go down, blur square obscuring something you’re not privvy to (his name probably), paracord bracelet.

0:40 – MALFUNCTION!!!! What now?  Oh no biggie, just re holster and grab the 2nd gun. Appendix NY Reload without the toss.

0:49 – Holy, begin increased lateral movements without shooting, and DERP SCAN non stop like you’re high on PCP.

1:06 – Time to fix the lux RMR’d G26.  Regular sights are for peasants, I can’t believe he actually had to kill some scumbags looking through them. 2/10 would not stoop to that level.

1:11 – This situation is still extremely TURNT, and as you can see requires lateral pacing and derp scanning of the highest order.

1:18 – Tactical T-Rex is happening.  Situation no longer critical.

1:19 – Me yelling from the crowd “Hit them bitches with the 180 shepherd!” *he obliges*

1:21 – GTF back can’t you see I have a shemagh, beard, and a gopro you plebe?

Short-Barreled-ShepherdCan you imagine if the cops arrived while he already took a few guys out and was in mid scan / pace back and forth mode?  I know this is just a niche simulation (maybe even solely to get the heart rate up with the pacing), but I’d hope they are having a good day and can see past what it looks like on the surface of things.

All in all… jokes aside, get out there and shoot and train.  Something I should do more of.

Gat tip: Christopher


14 responses to “Covering All The Operator Bases”

  1. Tom in OK Avatar

    A+ funny on the writeup

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Hehe thanks Tom.

  2. Mechanically Avatar

    So, his NY reload is a larger, higher-capacity, easier-to-manipulate gun?

    I get the 26 (or G27 if he’s really an operator, amirite?) has a dot. Assuming he carries how he trains, why not dot the higher-capacity Block?

  3. That pacing back and forth crap would make him the FIRST target for police once they arrive IMHO. LOL at the tactical T Tex!

  4. turnt t-rex Avatar
    turnt t-rex

    every moment of my life is gonna be TURNT from today forward good isht bruh

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Haha best username I’ve seen in a while

  5. John in AK Avatar

    I always wondered if the ‘retract-the-pistol-into-your-chest-like-the-landing-gear-of-a-1930s-bomber’ gesture followed by the ‘I love my gun SO much that I must hug it to my breast and fold my soft, gentle hand under it to protect it while pointing it at my ample midriff bulge and groinal nether region’ maneuver followed by the ‘I am SO tactically looking tactically from side-to-side by bobbing my head tactically for fractions of a second tactically in only two directions while my gun tactically preclues a bottom-up attack to my groinal nether region’ operation actually had a name. Now I know: ‘Tactical T-Rex.’ I was not, however, aware that ‘Tactical T-Rex’ included any kind of dance step.

    THANK you. I am now much more educated than I was just moments ago.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Lol at your description

  6. Holy shit, that’s our temple indexing ninja Abner Miranda teaching this class of nonsense. I guess he’s moved on from playing tactical operator at home..

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Hahah is he the teacher for real?

  7. I think if I saw someone doing this in a real situation I would cheer for the active shooter.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Actual LOL

  8. Shemagh? Check. Beard? Check. Paracord? Check. Peltors? Check. Simulated high-stress tactical operating environment to operate in operationally? Check. Operator Level? 99.997

  9. Home boy has some interesting videos, but he’s also sporting the Mk. I Crazy Eyes™