Stopping A .50 BMG With An AR550 Plate

Demolition Ranch tries some rounds against a 1″ thick AR550 steel plate:

Demolition-Ranch-ENDO-HatPretty nice those smaller caliber AR550 didn’t do much to the plates.

4:08 – Hahah him and those mannequins.

Pretty awesome the AR550 stopped the AP .50 BMG.  Looks heavy as hell though, but I guess that’s the price to pay.


9 responses to “Stopping A .50 BMG With An AR550 Plate”

  1. That spalling is intense.

    1. Agree. I really have doubts that those LineX coats they do actually minimize spalling. Seems like those AR500 plates just love to direct that stuff into your neck or down into your legs.

      1. That’s why I’d never use them. You can survive a gunshot wound to the chest or stomach. Spalling through the brain… not so much. For me it’s ceramic plates or nothin’

        1. Ceramic holds up better than a lot of people think but, for the money, I really like the Poly armor. it won’t hold up to true AP, but it holds up to multiple hits better than ceramic. Stops M855 out of a 16″ barrel as long as it is past 130 yds and and is lighter than anything else. Pretty thick though so it doesn’t always fit in the plate carrier.

  2. Someone get this lad a Boy’s or a Solothurn!

  3. Can I get that steel in a plate carrier please?

    1. anonymoose Avatar

      Anyone want to form a company to make anti-spalling coated AR600 armor?

  4. Robert W. Avatar

    The gout of sparks off the plate at 6:15 is impressive.

  5. “I lift, I work out… sometimes.”