Handgun Inside Of A Rifle Stock Asshattery

This shit… this shit right here:


Many times when I make fun of a product, I feel bad for a split second.  Yea I have a bit of a conscience because I know how much work and money it takes to bring products to market.  That said, when something as retarded as the product above is actually given life through CNC, steel, polymer, and injection molding… it makes me not only very sad, but at the same time also incredibly curious.  I want to know EVERYTHING about the company all of the sudden, but I also simultaneously want to forget I even know about this item, and go back to feeling innocent and happy for the state of the firearms industry again.

A crucial video showing its function:

The company which makes this monstrosity is called MuleTAC.  You can tell they came up with the acronym before the meaning of the letters… “Modular Utility Linked Equipment” hahah ok guys, whatever you say.  Is the company called MULE because this product is pure ASS? *zing, I’ll be here every day*  By all means PLEASE click the above link and go and buy one of their stocks for all your rifles, and throw your Magpul stock in the garbage.  I will also promote worthy pics and vids here on the blog and on Instagram of you operating / training with it and drawing the handgun from there or something equally as derpy, and love you long time in the process.  They actually just call it a “storage” stock granted… which is almost more confusing.  Why would I want to store something that heavy inside of my rifle? *smh*

Thoughts?  Is this an insta-cop for you, once it drops on the MuleTAC website?  Once Costa or Instructor Zero possibly start shilling it?  Ooooooooo, yea I said it haha.

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  1. I feel for some of these people. They’re dumping their life savings into these products and they’ll never earn a dime. Is the AR market not 110% saturated with craptastic products? Every week there are dozen new gimmick products released and how many of them go anywhere? You basically have Magpul and Tapco making money.

    1. I totally agree with you. Situation is a bit sad.

    2. I third that. My job is in the patent world and sometimes folks, particularly small companies and solo inventors, come up with the most off the wall ideas like this, invest a ton, and fail utterly. As you note, it’s often their life savings because they aren’t balling and pulling down electrical engineer stacks. I always felt bad but realized quickly that I’m not a marketing expert and sometimes products I think are ridiculous get licensed and sell. So who knows with some of this stuff…

      1. I saw this thing and wanted to like it, but, it only seems to work with the baby Glocks. You couldn’t use it for three gun and it doesn’t make much sense for any other reason. I like the stocks that have a extra mag back there, then again, I’ve never bought a stock for my ARs, I just use what they come with.

    3. These people are just buying the latest trends and gimmicks because of the look. There are no reason to purchase many of these attachments and items.

  2. I’m sure their next step is to have Instructor Zero mag-dump an AR-15 with this stock, transition to the “in-stock Glock”
    and double-tap the heads of two different targets… all of it so fast the shot timer barely has time to warm up…

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Ya the instructor zero endorsement is crucial.

    2. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”

      I’ve got to hand it to whomever developed this. Not necessarily for the end product since I can’t think of one tactical advantage, but because they’re thinking outside the proverbial box with regard to integration. Unfortunately, it would seem the development capital might’ve been better invested in a chainsaw picatinny connector for your AR

  3. Rootbeer Joe Avatar
    Rootbeer Joe

    fullretard.gif / inb4 isthisevenlegal.jaypeg

  4. Yo Dawg, I herd you like guns, so I put an gun in your gun so you can gun while you gun.

    1. raisedby_dogs Avatar


    2. Doyletoo Avatar


  5. Starvinpilgrim Avatar

    “The Mule” because the “Glock Keester” didn’t sound gay enough.

  6. This rifle actually has a GLOCK up its BUTT stock.

    Bet it likes Rimfire too…

    Sheesh. The one-liners this friggin thing is inspiring.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Haha yea

  7. James Rustler Avatar
    James Rustler

    Bitch please, picture me rolling when I retrieve a slice of pizza from my stock.

    1. Menger40 Avatar

      There is so much room for tactical skittles in there… Carnik Con will approve.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Haha this needs to happen!!

  8. Everyone, simmer down.

    This is simply a liberal concession to ensure that upon attempting to buttstroke some asshat, said asshat is presented with a viable means to “save himself” in the form of your conveniently stashed pistola.

    1. Ah, but a twist! It’s Ruger 51!

      1. Grindstone Avatar

        You mean the Remington R51?

        1. Uh…. yeah. Lol. My bad. Not even sure why I typed Ruger. Maybe I need one of these stocks.

  9. Hey, hey, hey! It’s not pure ass.

    A mule is a half-ass.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Lol good call.

  10. It’s also worth pointing out that, technically speaking, I’m pretty sure that stored pistol would count as a concealed weapon. So unless you’re operating at the range (or even if you are?), you’d have to abide by your state’s open AND concealed carry laws simultaneously. Which occasionally conflict.

    1. Good point. If it was more open it could probably qualify as a holster.

  11. I’d buy one if it fit an AR pistol with a sigbrace into the stock of a carbine. The ATF would shit a chicken. What if I shoulder the sigbrace inside the stock of a rifle? Write a decree defining that shit!

  12. matt RRC Avatar

    ENDO mike just realized that his Glock stock adapters need this storage compartment upgrade. A Glock within a Glock! I am patiently waiting for the product announcement. :P

  13. “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

  14. I’ve seen this before on a short video. guy had a Masuer C96 with the wooden stock/holster attached, then when the C96 ran out he pulled a second one from the stock.
    Admittedly it was done for silliness, not seriousness.

  15. Hey, if I also add that under-rifle revolver-shotgun thing that was announced then I only have to bring one “gun” to a 3-gun match, right? :-) *derp*

  16. Squirreltakular Avatar

    That is, as a whole, the least aesthetically pleasing AR I have ever seen. Wtf.

  17. Should have called it the “The Charger.”

    That’s prison slang for a container that an inmate shoves up his ass to smuggle stuff. (no homo)

    Seems more fitting.

  18. thatturahguy Avatar

    “Charger”- Ha! I was forced to read “Papillion” in Junior High, mid ’70s. The author discussed using the same thing called a “plan” to smuggle in very thinly folded currency bills. Made of aluminim. Don’t think you could put a baby Glock in one.

  19. Where’s the bayonet? You know … the one with a dagger concealed in its hilt? Seems to me they’re missing a GREAT marketing opportunity.

    (Or perhaps that’s an Optional Feature on the Mark II. Assuming there’s a M2.)

  20. I always thought that Glocks shit M&Ps, not the other way around.

  21. I’m thinking empty the magazine, then “New York Reload” by releasing the Secondary On-Board Weapons System Storage Compartment, grabbing the pistol, then chucking the rifle over your shoulder Sonny Puzikas style. Epic.

  22. fnkartel Avatar

    this is almost more or as retarded as the axe stock for a ak47. if you don’t know what im talking about go to gunbroker.com and see for your self. full on asshat.

  23. So fucking stupid. Not only does it add unnecessary weight to your AR, but it’s slower to transition than a fucking holster.

  24. If you are going to complain about the possible weight of a baby glock in the stock of your rifle I cannot take you seriously, what about all the crap other idiots put on the other end of their AR-15’s, I do not think it is a banner idea but it is a whole lot better than some of the other crap people put on their AR’s.

  25. using the bottom of the AR-15 stock as a storage space for a Glock pistol by adding a trapdoor does away with the need to store the Glock in the belt holster.

  26. Daniel Bruce Avatar
    Daniel Bruce

    Why is it a bad product? Having a gun in your gun is cool.

    1. Right on! Right on!

  27. Carlo S. Avatar

    It’s legos for adults. It’s great to show at the range and in competition. Have you seen the price of Legos?

  28. This would make a lot more sense of it was built to hold a subcompact 9mm or .380acp. that’s light enough that the extra weight wouldn’t be excessive and small enough that it wouldn’t look half as retarded. If you were pulling a Kimber Solo or a Barretta Pico out of there, it’d be a more useful concept to me.

  29. El Conquistador Avatar
    El Conquistador

    I agree this is an Overkill on a product, you’re right why would I waste my money on something this stupid and add more weight to my gun by holding another gun in my gun LOL. But also can you please retract the word retarded please, my brother is mentally disabled and that word is kind of defensive to me. Don’t get me wrong I love all the gun talk building weapons and shooting them and you have also some great feedback on products.

  30. This is a great idea.
    I’m buying one.

  31. So many negative Nancy’s on this site.