How To Become A Better AK Operator

AK Operators Union goes in:

AK-47-Kool-AidSummary: 1) Drink a lot of Vodka 2) Have Manca for sleepovers  3) The rest is just superfluous.

Gat tip: John, Brian, Chris


11 responses to “How To Become A Better AK Operator”

  1. Choc Jesus. Hahahah.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      From now on either don’t put a URL in your link if you’re going to comment, or put a different one please.

  2. Angry Vet Avatar
    Angry Vet

    Mat Best’s Russian impersonator?

    0/10 for lack of originality. Nothing more than a rip off of the format that Mbest11x has been using for a while now.

  3. John Fritz Avatar
    John Fritz

    *smhsh* Six years into that half-white asshole’s reign and everyone is stilled scared to death to make fun of him in any meaningful way.

  4. GreenMountain Human Avatar
    GreenMountain Human

    Wouldn’t even need vodka, Mike, if one had Manca for sleepovers. But I wouldn’t ever stunt on another man’s girl. Lovely lady though. That girl could probably beat the shit out of most of us, which I think is sexy as hell. As seen in other Polenar AK mag vid.

  5. On another note, Russia is now allowing foreigners to serve in the Russian armed services.

    1. KestrelBike Avatar

      Sweet, now all foreigners can get their ass beaten and abused during basic training/service, and eat dog-food for every meal!

  6. This is all wrong! THE ONLY Russian way to solve a hangover (from vodka) is with beer, not with more vodka.

    Otherwise totally legit video.

  7. It’s possible I’m too America, and love whiskey to much to understand high level AK operations, and those operators who operate them in such operations. But wouldn’t that gas tube get hot as fuck with some sustained firing? I mean he’s rocking keymod on a two tone ’74, so clearly he’s above my cake eating skillz, and maybe he’s drank so much he can’t feel his thumb, but it would worry me.

  8. The big mil reflective patrol belt was a nice touch – too funny!

  9. Chocolate Jesus has made another proclamation – Retarded white devils doing parody videos is the new selfie