SONNYvision From Sonny Puzikas

Sonny Puzikas everyone:

Sonny-Puzikas-AK-Glock-Dual-WieldROFL at the fact this dude still exists in the firearms community.  What is “Sonny Vision” anyway?  The video is cryptic, but I’m guessing from his experience it has something to do with entering a dark shooting range shoot house (where your “vision” is impaired), and shooting someone negligently.  Sound about right?

Thoughts?  Would train with Sonny “shoot house” Puzikas in 2015?


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  1. I think it’s an instructor development class where you take money, and the fine print says non-refundable, than you shoot your students. Or something like that. I can’t fathom why anyone would want to get within 2 miles of this guy and his AK.

  2. huh?

  3. ThomasChagrin Avatar

    Maybe he’s opening for Tool….

  4. Will jump in a ditch for fame Avatar
    Will jump in a ditch for fame

    He looks happier than a pig in shit in that thumbnail.

  5. How many people do you have to accidentally shoot before you’re not an instructor anymore? I recall a Sonny/Yeager video where Buck says “it could have happened to anyone”. No, no it can’t. If you run a shoot house with a simple check in/check out procedure, you dramatically decrease the chance of accidentally shooting someone. I wonder how long the new-school “fuck safety” instructors will last. You can do super hardcore operator training and still not sacrifice safety, but that probably doesn’t sell seats to dumb rednecks who believe safety is for beginners.

    0/10- would not operate with

  6. MIND=BLOWN. I’m so low tier that I could not make sense of that video, but I’m sure it was hardcore and tier1 fo sho.

  7. Socialkaos Avatar

    Don’t like the consequences , don’t play the game. You’d be surprised how many times guys get hit during CQB/MOUT live fire training. When I was stationed at Carson I knew a MSgt in 10th group that spent a few years in CAG , during his time with CAG he was shot a total of 3 times , all during training, all in “shoot houses” . Shit happens

    1. The Sonny Puzikas fuckstick negligence wasn’t during training, it was after they were done and he was trying to be a hotshot. I agree with what u said other then that. My brother got injured from a flashbang during training and other guys there left with extra scars and holes also.

      1. Airborne Avatar

        I watched a kid shoot my SAW gunner in his rear SAPI plate during mob, two feet away from me… but he wasn’t some self-declared tier 99 operator; dude was just a PFC who never really handled a weapon. Accidents do happen and I get that. But the reason CAG guys get shot, and sometimes killed during training, is that 99.99% of the training they do is *incredibly* high risk. Yes, a guy will get shot eventually- its a statistical certainty. Sonny, however, was not doing high-speed CAG training. He made a dumbass PFC level mistake and now he’s gotta take the heat. If that MSGT went into an uncleared shoot-house and shot up some E-4, I guarantee he would get fucked up for it, 10th Group or not. *Especially* if he was 10th Group.

    2. CAG also takes risks that is considered completely unacceptable in other units. There is a reason that they took over 50% casualties in IRAQ one year while Damneck didnt lose a man that year. More Damneck operators were wounded by argumenting CAG then were wounded with those at Damneck. And Damneck ran the same amount of operations and killed more people. Cag runs the same tactics for doing a simple kill capture of a medium level target as they do hostage rescues and it shows in their casualties. Damneck changes the tactics based on the mission.

    3. doc_way Avatar

      Guys usually get sent ‘down the street’ from CAG to SF or SF to regular army when they screw up. Most common incident is a DUI. Methinks there is more to his story, as to why he’s not with CAG anymore. Most guys stay with CAG when they get in, because of the prestige and freedom that comes with the job.

  8. Mos2111 Avatar

    And add to the shit list, he filed suit against tdsa ( the range where it happened) on the last day of the limitations trying to get a pay out. Jokes on him. Len says he has no insurance so suing tdsa gets you no money, just folds the range.

    1. derpmaster Avatar

      I really wonder how many ranges/instructors operate with no insurance. So much of this McDojo tactical crap is so fly by night that I’d guess that there are quite a few involved in this field that don’t even operate their businesses with basic legal/financial protection.

    2. heavyfire7537 Avatar

      I don’t believe it relieves him from his personal liability.

  9. As we all know, Spetznaz is Russian for “Retarded YouTube Commando”.

  10. What’s worse about this whole sunny thing is that he managed to put three poorly (or well) placed shots into someone without killing them. I guess he wasn’t using a .45.

  11. I know he was spetsnaz, but I’d like to know where exactly he served. Not all spetsnaz are the GRU recon type, the name means troops of special purpose and he could very well have been a “special purpose” pencil pusher or cook.

  12. Hey, at least Sonny has real experience putting rounds on human targets unlike SOME tactical trainers out there.

    1. Yeah, he has at least shown how irresponsible and immature he is. No thanks, safe and good training can and does come from people who never shot anybody negligently. I don’t care if a trainer has shot anybody on purpose or not, just that the training is sound.

      1. It was a joke bro.

  13. Fellspointhammer Avatar

    So much hate. He’s no poser like the majority of shit on this site. Sonny’s training actually brings something to the table that doesn’t involve Jeff Cooper’s dick. I’d train with him when I have the time, I’ve trained with those who’ve trained under him with good result. Some of us have seen bullets going both ways, and traded punches in the real world. I have respect for Sonny, and see it as unfortunate what happened. It doesn’t negate the good information that he has to pass to his students. Don’t be a keyboard commando, or a hater unless you bring something to the table. The worst thing Puzikas ever did was make nice with douchebag Yeager.