Kendall Jones Trainwreck Episode 2 Is Coming Soon

After much anticipation, a teaser for the 2nd episode… Tactical Firearms:

I blogged about the first episode a while back.  Someone explain to me why this show exists?  I thought Remington would be smarter than to jump the bandwagon of a girl who got famous for shooting exotic animals in the face and flaunting it on Facebook.  And I know you guys are going to point out that her and her friend don’t even have booty shorts on in this episode.  Exactly. That’s probably what over half of episode #1’s views were due to.

Kendall-Jones-RemingtonI can’t wait to see the actual episode once it’s released haha.



11 responses to “Kendall Jones Trainwreck Episode 2 Is Coming Soon”

  1. sigh

  2. Remington/Cerberus Group is circling the drain and they’re flailing to stay relevant. They’d do better to sponsor Lena Miculek on the 3GN circuit. She actually has a screen presence (aka personality) and is actually talented. But she probably wouldn’t put on booty shorts for them. Hey, maybe Erika is available?

  3. Raisedby_dogs Avatar

    Gums to face ration not tight.

  4. Her teefs is still weird.

  5. Dumb pretty girls with guns getting yelled at is what I got from that trailer. Glad it was short.

  6. Jim Jones Avatar

    I know one thing; she is no Eva Shockey. I will defend her hard until the end because I love hunting, and I understand the logical real life benefits of trophy hunting, but I do not ever plan on participating in trophy hunting. The way the antis come down on those who leave the reservation (attractive women and people of color who stray from the Democrats’ religious tenants like Guns are Bad, Capitalism is Evil, Obama is God, etc.) should be proof positive that way too many humans are willing to eradicate you in order to get their way, and that you should take full advantage of your RKBA. However, since we’re between friends here, if you ask me she’s just a rich daddy’s girl with not a whole lot of personality. How else would she ever get to bag the Big-5 before turning 20? Her mom is better looking.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Great comment. I can’t locate pics of her mom though haha damn Google images is failing me.

      1. Jim Jones Avatar

        I saw them on her FB page. Seriously, her mom looks hotter And younger. Dad must have boatloads of money because he sure as hell messed up his wife’s much better genetics to form this offspring.

  7. Her show exists for the same reasons corey and Erika exist… girls in shorts look good and we love watching a tactical trainwreck.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Haha Yea good call. Her friend Taylor definitely has more potential but still I’m like meh they look like basic mall chicks.

  8. doomtrooper83 Avatar

    00:34 2014 chicken winging….