Royal Nonesuch Retires From YouTubing Homemade Guns

Too many crazy people out there.  Royal Nonesuch wants to distance himself from the derp:

Royal-Nonesuch-ENDOThis news sucks, but I don’t blame him.   I really hope he does continue safely working on homemade guns on his own off camera though.  The hobby could turn into a promising career someday.  We need more people like him in firearms design… not just guys making up AR-15 accessories for another 50 years.

Good looking 7.62x39mm shirt :P



16 responses to “Royal Nonesuch Retires From YouTubing Homemade Guns”

  1. It’s a shame, the kid filled a niche.

  2. at least he made it out with all his fingers !!!

  3. MikeyButtonz Avatar

    Sweet FLX Buzzz on the wall behind him. Disc Golf FTW. He may smoke the sensi.

  4. Would operate with in post-apocalyptic pipe-filled world.

  5. Damn it.

    1. Also it’s a shame he didn’t announce this via floating chair talk. Oh well.

  6. Why did he come to this decision? He didn’t give any specifics.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      He gave me specifics in email. I didn’t know he he wanted them shared or not so I didn’t. The “some people are crazy” line sums it up though.

      1. Oddly hypocritical death threats from anti-gunners?

      2. Maybe I’ll email him or something too. I’ve been a big fan for a long time and he seems to be actively involved with his viewers.

  7. :C oh noes. It was so entertaining, like a cross between Ferris Bueller and John Browning.

  8. Zack marrs Avatar

    Probably toouch hearing damage from not using proper ear pro

  9. It’s all fun and games until dad takes the welder away.

  10. jake from detroit Avatar
    jake from detroit

    met a girl, told him to stop it, caved.

    Nah, probably not really. Parents, siblings, friends, probably girlfriends, were all telling him that some asshole was gonna use his stuff to smoke a school or movie theater and he made a judgement call. I mean, one of the primary reasons we carry and own firearms is to protect our loved ones, so if doing something out of the normal scope with them was driving our loved ones away, i guess we’d all have to make a judgment call as well.

    good kid, good guy, wish him the best. won’t unsub for justice.

  11. Just saw and subscribed (I guess that last part was for nothing? If he’s shut down?) and Saw the co2 cartridge firing. I also want a shotgun just like his. How was it made and out of what? I didn’t see a trigger so was he slamming the barrel pipe into a fixed firing pin? But then I think I also heard the compression of a spring? If the latter was the case was the button looking think on the right side of the receiver a button to slip off its holding notch to spring forward and strike the primer again with a fixed firing pin? I once owned a Cobray slam fire 12 gauge. It was a single shot that fired from the open bolt with a fixed firing pin. Drop a round into the chamber of a cocked gun and pull the trigger. The barrel was forced back by spring pressure and slammed into a fixed firing pin. The barrel then went forward during recoil and remained in the oped position with the shell ejected. It was legal. At least at the time I owned it. If a fellow was brave and smart enough, one could cut a clearance hole and build a magazine box to fit some of these current day 12 gauge magazines. Then that Cobray would become a full auto slam fire shotgun. I wish I still had that gun and this gun on the video reminded me much of that same gun. Smithy.

  12. I know Astra made a full auto Mauser broom handle with a reciprocal shock absorbing feature in the grip. Perhaps he could work up a buffering system to make a .50 cal shootable from a shoulder position–something between action and stock (or inside the stock). That would be cool stuff.