Terminator Genisys – Trailer

Relevant to my interests:

Terminator-Genisys-ArnoldNot bad not bad.  Anyone know what’s with the misspelling of Genesis though?  Genisys?  Sounds like a stripper from the future.  Thirsty dudes be like “Come with me if you don’t want to be a single mom stripping to pay her way through college”

Looks like they mixed some old and new Arnold footage which is kind of cool.

Thoughts?  Will view in theaters July 1st 2015?


15 responses to “Terminator Genisys – Trailer”

  1. Damn, this looks so cool ! With a mix of eighties’ movies (which are AWESOME !!) and reboot of the myth, with the actual Governator, I can’t wait !

  2. 30 years and it hasn’t been rebooted. That’s gotta be a record.

  3. SittingDown Avatar

    Does old Ahnold fight young cgi Ahnold? “I’ll be Bach, you be Beethoven!”

  4. First I was like, cool, then like meh – WTF? they going to remake the classic?!? – then when it all changed – I was like cool!

    I’m a fan since the original. Will be seeing this, buying the blu-ray and any action figures that come out.

  5. It is pronounced “Jenaaysys” and has to be read in your best Forest Gump voice.

  6. She’s really not credible as Sarah Connor.

  7. Jet Lee is cast perfect. Non-talking robot assassin.

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      He was shot in the eye and didn’t go down. Time to get back in the time machine IMHO.

  8. Is it going to be PG13-ified like that horrid Robocop remake?

  9. Real question is where they’re getting all these time machines and why they only go back to the 80s. Why not.. 1955 or heck.. 1800 and whack Ada Lovelace and be done with it.

    The original 2 are classics, but with all the reboots lately (Fantastic 4, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, etc..), I’m sure audiences will get their fill and start demanding more original films.

    … hahahaha.. yeah right.. they know we’ll keep watching them. Hopefully this is better than the last 2 though. Really I think the late 80s/90s will remain the peak of the ‘hero’ action movie. The willingness to do more in-camera and detonate large quantities of gasoline gives more genuine results than all the CG crap.

  10. Winston Smith Avatar
    Winston Smith

    Before I saw the trailer, I was like ‘god not another- just leave it alone’. But that kicked ass. I like how they handled all the time travel resets, but I’m not EVEN gonna try to wrap my mind around all the permutations/implications. Just gonna sit back and enjoy the ride come July. Movies are for entertainment- too much thinking can ruin one.

    Genisys is like a corporate name the way I read it.
    Young Arnold footage is CGI per internet fan sites.
    I’m liking the Sarah Conner character a lot. But then again I prefer strong hot women in real life too. (to my HUGE disadvantage)

  11. terminator ahnold: Now i know why dah strippah cries.

  12. I’m going. Looks like it will be one of my “one movie per year” program views.

  13. It’s going to have some pretty awesome gun fights…