Being Black On Black Friday – Or Is There More To The Story?

Not really any back story to this, but it sure escalates quickly:

I’m not a fan of Law Enforcement harassing people, but I’m also not a fan of people being dicks to Law Enforcement.   There’s definitely a fine line.  This guy in the video obviously has a history with the cop, so that doesn’t bode well for their interaction if he thought he was being treated unfairly due to a past arrest.  You know what though, If I was a cop and someone was a criminal once I’d have pretty good reason to suspect they were being a criminal again especially if WalMart called me down (I’m assuming this based on the video) to talk to him.  Honestly could the guy have not just showed the receipt and went on about his night?  I know that’s not the point though… but personally sometimes I do shit I don’t want to do just because it makes my life easier and I can go back to eating cheetos, reading blogs, and being alone you know?  Slippery slope?  Maybe.

The cop was actually being quite pleasant and professional in this video for the most part up until 2:58 “Because I like you I just want to take a picture of it” was jokes though LOL… nice try officer that was a condescending think to say you dickhead.

Friday-Ice-Cube3:30 – “He’s trying to MIKE BROWN ME.  I HAVE MY RECEIPT. HE’S TRYING TO MIKE BROWN ME.” Repeat x 52

Really though as I’ve said in the past, Law Enforcement looks like such a terrible job.  You couldn’t pay me enough to deal with shitheads like this guy in the video.

<— This is still my favorite Black Friday.


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  1. Don Shilling Avatar
    Don Shilling

    I assume the officr s were called by Walmart for some reason about this idiot and the merchandise he had if you notice thier security was trying to look at It it and that s when the idiot bolted outthe door ,Walmart should have the cops tell him if he steps foot on there property again . He will be arrested for Truspassing I feel that people are not heald ACCOUNTABLE for their actions and that IDIOT is a good example the cop gave him several Oders and he did not comply, Show me your I.D. show me the receipt , If I was that cop I would take him in for 72hr mental evaluation 5150 I tip my hat to that officer for his restraint

  2. ballisticsbill Avatar

    Tase that dumb motherfucker and call it a day Michael….Im sure you could call it public drunkeness or disturbing the peace. Idiots like this guy deserve 50,000 volts

    1. Have to admit I was very disappointed that no use of the Taser occurred.

  3. What an annoying person!

    Fortunate that I found the Female Topless Trampolining World Championships video to help me understand the true meaning of the word “Frustration”.

  4. i would have arrested him for disturbing the peace !!
    then kicked his ass in the back of the squad car!!

    1. The duke Avatar

      What you do is transport him, hands cuffed in the back, and you don’t belt him in. Then you rapidly apply the brakes when you’re going 40mph+, you know to avoid a deer in the road, and watch his face bounce off the cage/spit shield – full thottle to get him back in his seat and then avoid the next deer. He’ll get the message pretty quickly.

  5. That asshole should have been on the ground the second he cleared the doors and was outside of the store. This officer seemed afraid to do his job, and probably was what with the current climate of shit… What a horrible job. Don’t do your job, you’re racist. Do your job, you’re racist. Go to lunch, you’re racist. What a ridiculous situation.

    1. Logezbro Avatar

      WELL SAID.

      1. Might as well just be racist, since we’re all already racist.

        1. Dude, that was a racist comment.

  6. Logezbro Avatar

    Definitely a slippery slope, but I agree that in most situations I’d just do as I was asked to make my life easy and go home. And yeah, f being in law enforcement. My brother is a police officer and I don’t know how he deals with the scum of the earth 50+ hours/week.

  7. What a tool.

  8. Unfortunately, this is how people acted long before the Ferguson shit. Being a cop, I’ve seen this many times over. People think that if they make a big enough scene, the problem will go away. White, Black, whatever color… idiots act like idiots. He should of been arrested right from the start when he refused to show ID.

    1. Logezbro Avatar

      When are you actually REQUIRED to show ID? I’ve always been curious.

      1. That’s a good question. I’m sure it varies from state to state, but here in NJ it is very much in the favor of the officer. Anytime we have reasonable suspicion to believe a crime was or is being committed, we can demand ID.

      2. Most states:

        1. If detained on reasonable suspicion of a crime you can be required to produce ID.
        2. If operating a motor vehicle and stopped, you can be required to provide your driver license.

        When asked for ID, choose your own adventure:

        1. You say “I ain’t showing you shit. Why you motherfuckers always be fucking with me?”
        2. Pretend to be getting your wallet out and then make a run for it across the parking lot with your pants falling down and losing a shoe in the process. As you are being cuffed call out to the crowd watching that “I ain’t do ’nuffin.”
        3. Whip out your cellphone, inform the officer he is being filmed for both of your safety and then start chanting “Am I being detained?”
        4. You say “Yes sir.” And show your ID.

        Choices. You has ’em.

        1. Logezbro Avatar

          I see the point you’re trying to make, and as a law abiding citizen with only a single traffic ticket on his record and a cop brother, I would choose option 4. At the same time, I think it’s important for officers to keep their use of power in check as well as to know when they can rightfully make a request. I know cops have 9 million things to remember and there’s no possible way for them to remember them all, but I feel something as basic as knowing when they have the right to request an ID should be common knowledge. My brother included.

          1. I agree with your thoughts.

            But like I always say to my sons,

            “Little Gwolves. Hey DAMN-IT!!!! Little Gwolves, yo Daddy is talking to yo’ asses!”

            “Now listen sup Little Gwolves, there is high ideals and then there is 2:00 AM on the side of the road. 2:00 AM on the side of the road is not a time to catch a case of the high ideals. Now get yo asses out to the garage and bring me another six-pack. And stay the fuck out my workbench fo’ I snatch you fools bald headed”

          2. The “flex your rights” video series on youtube is actually pretty sensible.

            The short version is – resist verbally, not physically. Document all you can.

            That said, this guy’s just being an asshole. He’s basically race-carding the cop. Being asked to produce a receipt when leaving a store is not unusual (shop Costco much?) and no big deal. All this guy had to do was be like “sure here’s my receipt, am I free to go now?”

  9. A guy like this, you just wait out. Sooner, rather than later, you’ll roll up on him double parked in front of a liquor store with the stench of weed flowing from the car.

  10. thatturahguy Avatar

    Can’t- Can’t we all just- just get along? *sob*?

  11. A dick for the sake of being a dick

    In some ways cameras on phones create more problems, everyone thinks he will be the next youtube sensation