Buy A Tracking Point Firearm Get A Free Trip To Vegas

Real talk.  Word to R. Kelly you’ll be sittin in VIP smoking and drinking and kicking it:

With Your Precision-Guided Firearm Purchase Starting Black Friday, TrackingPoint will Gift You an Incredible 3-day Las Vegas Trip including Hotel, Airfare and Meals.  You’ll even get free tactical training at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute.

That’s whats up.  Ignatius Pizza even will train you at Front Sight.

Now all you happily married guys will just have to convince your wives the trip for you and her is half paid for if you buy the precision guided firearm you’ve always wanted.  Wait… better yet tell her she needs a break from working so hard, buy the gun, then give her the free trip and tell her to go with her girlfriends.  You get a weekend alone to shoot your new gun and do whatever you want, and she gets a break from you.  Win-Win, that’s how you dooos it Jerry.  When she gets back you’ll be Feelin on that booty.  Why am I so alone, with such good looks, and such fire ideas? LOL life isn’t fair.


Head over to TrackingPoint and start making some good life decisions with your credit card for once.  If you ask nicely they might even wrap it in lights for you… maybe not, but Costco has a hell of a spread right now in the Christmas section. You could do that yourself and throw a ‘gram up, which guaranteed will get more likes than your last food pic or mirror flex selfie.



10 responses to “Buy A Tracking Point Firearm Get A Free Trip To Vegas”

  1. derpmaster Avatar

    I wonder what their margins are like.

  2. So how much are they paying you to advertise this overpriced gimmick?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Actual billions $$$$$. Bottom line is if there wasn’t a market for it, just like anything else it wouldn’t exist. People seem to be excited about merging technology and guns though *shrug*.

      1. You don’t need demand anymore in the new VC-driven economy, just buzz. Plenty of things exist without a market or business plan, and demand is a poor metric for quality (Honey Boo Boo anyone?)

        Anyway, I’m sure it works great until it breaks in the field; like everything does. The fact that they offer a 7.62×39 version supposedly good to half a mile should give anyone reason to pause. I mean really? Sure it’s a free country so if you want to spend $15k on a “precision” 7.62 so you can shoot crappy ammo go for it; but let’s be honest – it’s a piss-poor choice and the fact that they are willing to sell it gives me serious doubt on their credibility.

        Having been involved in DoD acquisitions before I’m not impressed by the fact that the army is ‘evaluating it’. Big deal, they evaluate all kinds of junk. I’ve seen literal garbage hawked for millions. All that means is they have business acumen to probably hire some former full bird who knows someone in their small arms testing program.

        Their website is also pretty weak on real details. How well does it perform in adverse conditions? Even hunting seldom takes place in ideal conditions. Haze, fog, rain, snow, dust, etc all will impact sensors and their ability to discern targets and gauge rain.

        Guns are technology, but I know what you meant – you’re not offering any interesting commentary though, just reposting an ad.

        1. sorry that should be range, not rain.

        2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          I guess what I meant to say is “it won’t continue to exist without a market”. Honeybooboo no doubt made the network millions, so mission accomplished… now people are starting to give less of a shit so she will fade to obscurity. Will that happen with TrackingPoint? Maybe, but my guess is not considering technology is infiltrating every aspect of our life. Some people don’t like it, but It seems most do. You always still have the option of cooking on a fire every night, hunting for your food, and washing your clothes (which you handmade) in the river. Do I personally want to turn 100% of the shooting I do into TrackingPoint and iphone / ipad based? Definitely not, but if the rifles weren’t at the price point they are currently at I would own one.

          I know what you’re saying about the Army evaluation / problems with breaking in the field. I don’t disagree.

          I’m sure if you contacted them, you’d be able to arrange to shoot at a demo they are running somewhere. Heck you could even buy the rifle and use it for a month and if you didn’t like it get all you money back. They definitely seem to have a “take it or leave it” kind of attitude, which to me attests to the fact they stand behind the product and if it doesn’t meet your standards then “hey, sorry to waste your time here’s your money back”.

          You must be new to the blog if you were looking for in depth analysis of the technology and the company… that’s not my thing. I saw the ad, and in my head made a few jokes about it so I made a post up for my own entertainment (like everything on here).

          1. I’d definitely love to shoot one in a demo some time. Don’t get me wrong. I do think it’s cool to see this stuff COTS’d down to a more affordable price point; I just question their fundamentals vice their emphasis on “hey it’s ipad-enabled”. I’ve seen a LOT of both hardware and software programs thrown at the military on the basis of “it’s cool” or “we’re [buzzword] compliant” and this smells strongly of it. Literally seen software programs where the internal agency marketing was “yeah it doesn’t work well nor do what they want, but we’re calling them “apps” to get people using them” – so it’s made me extremely cynical of it. We had one mobile program where the company had gotten their state representative to have a line-item added as pork barrel spending and we (the govt customer) didn’t even want the product (it was a few million). So not complaining just saying that’s where I come from.

            I get what you’re saying about washing clothes in a river; I’ve actually lived in 3rd world countries where people literally washed their clothes in a river with bar soap that smells like animal fat so I totally get that spectrum (incidentally places like that, the cakes are usually made with animal fat as well – frosted vanilla cakes that smell like lamb fat are really weird, and not in a good bacony way).

            Like I said, free country – spend as you will. My $0.02 is that for anyone spending $15-20k on a hunting rifle; they’re doing it for fun/sport not subsistence – I don’t see what’s sporty about having a platform like this do virtually all the work for you. Reminds me of those old fox hunts with 30 blood hounds, horses, and dudes carrying your gun for you. Where’s the sport in it?

            And I have read your blog for quite a while so I realize this isn’t the anandtech of firearms; I guess I just found this one a bit more shill than your usual commentary – the fact that a lot of other firearm blogs have done the same blatant press-release reposting for Tracking Point has gotten annoying.

            Unrelated, I really wish you’d come up with some shirts that were a bit more subtle. Not in a fearful/shameful, but more of a clever way.

            1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

              Thanks Brian. Yea I’m always thinking up new shirt ideas. You’re one of the few to say ever though that almost all I currently offer aren’t subtle. I know / meet a lot of people who aren’t into guns, and they only normally get what a handful of them mean.

        3. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          My apologies you’ve actually been commenting for a while. I should have checked before I said that I’m just not used to people calling me out on not being insightful.

    2. Lol I may be wrong, but the readers of Endo, no matter how operational we may (not) be, do not seem like a good crowd to advertise this to anyways…
      Or they’re giving him a free trip to Vegas.