Demolition Ranch Is Also Vet Ranch

I post a lot of Demolition Ranch videos because they are awesome, but did you know Matt is a Veterinarian as well?

Matt is such an amazing person, seriously.  Go through a few of those videos… they are so awesome.  My #lifestyle and penchant for cleanliness doesn’t really lend itself well to owning pets, but when I see videos like this one above I almost reconsider.

The only downside to those videos is, I get to thinking “WHAT HAVE I DONE WITH MY LIFE?”.  I’ve never saved a living being.  We’ll I rescue bugs from my condo sometime by throwing them out the window and feel pretty damn good about myself, but besides that nothing.  Please someone tell me that a shirt a made saved your life, or else created a life with a woman because you looked so damn good and she couldn’t resist.  That would make me feel a bit better.

Vet-RanchMake sure you check out Vet Ranch, and subscribe to him for updates.  Matt is wearing the ENDO Pistol Whip shirt in the video if you’re interested.

Gat Tip: James who reminded me how amazing the channel is.


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  1. Thanks for posting this video. I never really liked demo ranch much (I got a fiddy cal look what I can do!) and it gets boorish for guys who’ve blown shit up professionally. However, seeing this side of Matt just earned him my respect and subscription.

  2. So Matt is literally an operator?

    1. upvote.

      1. +1 on the operator comment! I’m glad you posted this Mike! I didn’t know about the Vet Ranch.
        I work in the vet industry and I see this a lot. The compassion shown by vets like Matt
        is often humbling. And some of the best pets I’ve had and encountered are often the
        “hard luck” cases like this dog.

  3. Holy f that wound is gnarly. And typical awesome dog, gaping wound in its side and tail still wagging! Best damn animals in the world. And yes, Matt is a pretty rad human.

    1. I have a very small dog that has a tumor the size of a baseball she’s about 15 yrs old. And I don’t have any money to take her to a vet and the 1 vet that came out to see her said there was nothing he could do. I’m am homeless in Las Vegas NV, due to some circumstances beyond my control. And I was just wondering if you could give me any advice on what to do. My dog is still full of life believe it or not. She’s eating and drinking ok. Walking alright but this tumor is touching the ground and it got scraped so I carry her potty. Just anything you can do you can contact me at my mailing address [email protected] thankyou have wonderful day

  4. That is cool mang.

  5. Awesome! I didn’t know that’s what he did! I’ve done animal surgery for medical research, so cool to see the OTHER stuff I talk all the time about! Now I want to have some beers with him!

  6. Dr. Matt uses some if not all the money from his guns channel to save puppies. The dude is legit.

  7. Delray Silverback Avatar
    Delray Silverback

    This hit me in the feels.

  8. Mike, Bru, Bron Jerebro, Bromo, Brostadamus, have you considered fostering dogs? Matt mentioned it in the video and I’m sure there is a organization near you that could use a good foster “dad”.

    Alternatively, vizslas are clean dogs (they clean themselves like a cat). There are rescues for them across the nation. Some people can’t handle their energy or don’t know how to train a smart yet sensitive dog. Reward based training works great but you can’t be harsh; a scowl will make them feel bad.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I have considered the possibility of fostering but I know I’d get attached… And I just don’t want that kind of responsibility all around… Cleaning up after it, taking it for walks, training it. I looked up vizslas after I saw your comment and they do seem quite great for the most part. Once I read “seperation anxiety and tendency to destroy things” I was like haha NO! I’ll probably always just be that guy who pets other people’s dogs that I think are cool, unless I have a huge yard out of a city someday where one could live outside and run around all day.

  9. What an awesome human being.

  10. I always say that I try to be as good as a person as my dog thinks I am. Well this dude “is” as good (if not better) than his dog think he is! We need more people like him in this effed up world. Nice post.

    1. Leonarda Avatar

      Matt I’m worry that you going to loose those who loved you for yours work with animals , for getting them away from pain and dead. To be honest I’m was shocked while watching you plaing with guns . The guns which killing animals . You show yours killer side , you happiness while destroying and demaging . This completely destroyed yours picture as a guy with big heart who care abut extending the life , not to make shorter. You destroying nature . Why? If this is the way to rise money for surgery it is very wrong.i’m wory that many supporters will stop giving you money ,because really where the donations go? Maybe you used the money for yurs ” hobby”.WHOYOUARE?!?!?!

      1. Donny Avatar

        Sweet lil’ snowflake…

  11. Do you think demolition ranch salad dressing tastes better than the vet ranch salad dressing

  12. Try puting fireworks in a microwave

  13. Damon Albrecht Avatar
    Damon Albrecht

    Here we see a guy with a heart as big as Texas.


    1. There’s a Facebook site for both vet ranch and demo ranch, message them there or vet ranch rescue .org

  15. Michael Austin Avatar
    Michael Austin

    Like Joaeph I would like to make a donation, but to where ?

  16. Marlena Linne Avatar
    Marlena Linne

    I would like to make a donation. Where do I send the check?

  17. David & Dawn Avatar
    David & Dawn

    Same here, have watched both channels have been involved with our local shelter and would like to donate. Mat you need to put a link in your web page to make donations. Love your vids


  19. Dear Mat I want to really know where u live? because in the future I will want to work with you. You are a really great person for every one even the animals they really love you.I love animals so much they are my whole life I will take care of them no matter what.I would really like to help u in your work it’s so amazing and cool but also sad.Mat you are my hero and the animals hero to.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for all of the work that u have done I really like your videos to there amazing and sad to but im ok Mat u are a savior to all animals they would love u forever and ever.Mat u are a really great person and don’t ever change that THANK YOU for all of your work hope to see your new videos and plz say my message in one video the one im texting now plz and thank you for everything and also tell the animals that I said hi and it’s going to be all ok Mat u are my savior for ever and nothing will ever change that now that I’m done MAT is the best vet ever and his assitants no matter what thank you and now Bye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????????????✌️✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌????????????????????????. I love cats and dogs yup ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  20. Dear matt, I am 15 years old. I know I might not get a respond I am a huge dog lover and I have a stray dog here who I would love to keep but can’t and I think she was just dropped off on her own. She is such a sweet heart and I would hate to anything to happen to her I am in san Antonio tx and I really hope you will help find her a home.
    Please call @(254) 6817341 or email thank you.

  21. Molly Rosa Avatar

    Where are you guys located? I cannot find that information anywhere

  22. Jack Huber Avatar

    Hello Matt,
    I do not have a facebook page because I am 11 and my parents don’t want me to have one so this is the only way I can contact you. I was wondering if you have any guns that you might be willing to sacrifice. I think that it would be cool if you filled a barrel of a gun with binary explosives. I know that the gun will explode but I think that would be cool. You could also make a custom shotgun shell with binary explosives. Thank you,
    (if you want to contact back email me or contact me at 203-451-6665)

  23. Kieran D Avatar

    Hi Matt! I’ve been trying to find your address so I can send you my ideas for custom shotgun shells. I will not send them in the mail I will just send you the ideas. I have notice that not all of their ideas get noticed so I need you to check these out because they are awesome! Will you please send me your address to my step dads email.?!
    I am 10 years old and in the fourth grade.
    I enjoy watching your YouTube videos! Your friend, Kieran

  24. Hard to integrate the Matt on Vet Ranch with the violence you see when you flip to Demolition Ranch. (I’m not anti gun, if used for self defense or being prepared for self defense.) I just hope the violence is only directed at inanimate targets and never animals. The Mike Rowe video with the dead squirrel is really disgusting, even though it doesn’t show him actually shooting the squirrel. If the shooting is never directed toward animals, Matt needs to make that clear. Otherwise, my donations, which I was preparing to start making, are going to have to wait for more clarification, i.e., is the kindness at Vet Ranch only for dogs, without concern for other animals? There are many good organizations helping animals in numerous ways, so there is no shortage of places to send donations to try and help out. I’m sure a lot of other people will feel the same way.

  25. iris goodman Avatar
    iris goodman

    My friend always says that the more you know about someone, the less you will like them. But it is also the only way to understand them. Texas is gun country; Matt does his part to rectify this culture as a veterinarian–he seems very caring of the animals. Sharon’s questions are spot on.

  26. Craig ryan Avatar
    Craig ryan

    Hey Matt; I watched your “duct tape body armor ” and have another idea. Could you try about 3 laters of conveying belt cloth with a thin sheet of polycarbotate or some other poymer similar to glass that would be layered. Your videos really are fun to watch. Thanks. C R

  27. Craig ryan Avatar
    Craig ryan

    Thats conveyor belt cloth. Sorry, CR

  28. Craig ryan Avatar
    Craig ryan

    I no there are two other misspelled words. My Iphone changes things and i dint proof it. Sorry again. CR

  29. Craig ryan Avatar
    Craig ryan

    Whoops know for no.

  30. Craig ryan Avatar
    Craig ryan

    Where the hell did dint come from. Maybe I’ll just do a stand in for Lieutenant Dan.

  31. So disappointed. My senior cat died yesterday and I planned to write a check in her memory…was looking up Vet Ranch’s address and saw this. They do some good work but this changes their image for me.

    1. Why does this change their image? They saved the dog!

  32. Austin boze Avatar
    Austin boze

    Matt where are u located at. I can’t find your address.

  33. Austin boze Avatar
    Austin boze

    I’m trying to send them to u. The 22 round has already been shoot,AR15has been shoot as well

  34. Marie Harden Avatar
    Marie Harden

    Dear Matt– I started to see your videos a few months ago. I had five loved pups at that time. And then , my oldest, a small Papioññne, almost 13 years old , was viciously attacked by two known aggressive dogs, first in my patio and my living room. The dogs were trying to attack me on my sofa. Misty, who was not aggressive, but protective, must have been tired of these dogs and their hateful behavior, and went after them, (MY other dogs had stayed in to hide) A few minutes later, after she went after them, she came back, crawling, to get home. She passed out at my gate. She was totally mauled and bloody. I and my neighbors cleaned her up as best, and a friend came to take her and find a vet. It was late night. The net morning , my vet did surgery, saying, well this was really bad, and she may not make it as she was old. Almost 13 years. Yes , I understood, but for a small dog, that is not really that old. But my Misty was torn up terribly.. She would have had to have her front leg amputated, if she had lived.

    She was A VERY SMALL dog which we were given as her owners were poor and could not afford to feed the mom. We (from Baja) drove immediately to the states, got formula and took her to our vet, Not sure if this is considered a rescue, but she would have not lived without intervention.

    I keep wondering if my vet he did enough. I know they had treated her before and saved her life with a renal failure, but could more have been done? She never woke up after the surgery. I had to accept that , but is hard, for me and the pups she had EPTED AND NURTURED ALL THESE YEARS.

    I OVE YOUR WORK , Dr, Matt , and I want to know how I can send a little bit. I am 80 years old, not very posh,, but I love the work you are doing. Of course I se videos from all over there world of Rescues. In my life, I have taken in at least 30 dogs in the US and Mex. Cared for them and found homes. But too old now to do that now. But I want my family to know that you have halepd get past this loss, as my four pups are also trying to. Marie Harden in Baja.

  35. Dot Hailey Avatar

    I love your videos.

  36. Yandra Z Colon Avatar
    Yandra Z Colon

    Dear vet ranch I Have a dig that’s a winner and she is very old dog but I had leave her behind and now I have to give her up cause I have no money to. Bring her back to Puerto Rico please help me to get her a good home for her so she can be happy.

  37. Payrick Avatar

    Your the bast man. I think most would have put the dog down, it you took your time and your money to do zsometging amazing!! Keep it up man.

  38. Brandon velez Avatar
    Brandon velez

    I was wondering if u are hiring by any chance to work

  39. Sharon Lowery. Avatar
    Sharon Lowery.

    The flower you asked about are Fuschia. They are usually found in hanging pots. Be careful, they dry out quickly.