Shooting Blindly Into The Slovenian Fog

A Polenar Tactical short:

I know from a previous video of theirs, they talk about how obsessed with safety they are, so that’s good.    That would really suck if someone was out picking Slovenian mushrooms and Polenar caught a body.

Polenar-Tactical-LogoGood looking landscape there.   Foliage game on point.

I don’t know if I care for this little short film as much as I care for their funny videos, but it’s cool regardless.


5 responses to “Shooting Blindly Into The Slovenian Fog”

  1. derpmaster Avatar

    Manca is such a qt.

  2. Zhiga left his wing-girl. Good thing she’s a tier one operateski and saved Zhiga’s bacon.

  3. Maybe they’re the ones who are on mushrooms?

  4. she is the bees knees as evidenced by wearing a Shemagh, but not in hipster/controversial Arafat colors.

    7/10, would operate with.

  5. @jim

    Did you want to say ” would operate on her”?