360 No-Scope V.S. Tactical Red Head

Mattv2099 (A.K.A. Matthew Valakalashnikov III,  A.K.A.  Money V,  A.K.A. Youtube Trollfessional,  A.K.A. Based Operator) operates hard in the paint:

Mattv2099-Run-Guns-ENDO-ApparelI love the use of multiple camera angles and trolling.

Dogehound shirt from Snakehound, NY Reload hat from ENDO Apparel. Deadly combination.

I told him he should change the game with 720s. We’ll see what happens.


2 responses to “360 No-Scope V.S. Tactical Red Head”

  1. Matt is full of swag as always.

  2. Taofledermaus Avatar

    He needs a little trampoline and maybe add a back flip to the mix.