Tactical Mossberg 930 Shotgun For The Derpocalypse

Serious business.  Take notes guys:

I’m really not a fan of that Choade stock.  I am even less of a fan of having 42 lbs of ammunition strapped to the gun.  Sweet TruGlo though brAh. *snicker*

KingOfShotgunsLOL @ how he’s dead serious.  Hearing his justification regarding how he can “just grab the gun and have 57 shells with it” he actually convinced himself there is no alternative that makes sense.

That AR-15 which he says his next video will be on, doesn’t look nearly as derpy… it does have a shell catcher on it though so I can’t wait to see what he has to say about that.


Gat tip: Patrick


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  1. Steveweiser Avatar

    He went full retard.

  2. dogxhead Avatar

    I don’t think that “OMG WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU DONE TO THAT GUN?!” Counts as people asking you lots of questions about what you have done to your gun.

  3. Starvinpilgrim Avatar

    He’s never shot it with those slugs or that POS TrueGlo wouldn’t be working

    1. Starvinpilgrim Avatar

      Also I’m assuming he’s right handed since he’s holding the camera in his right hand. Those shells on the buttstock are going to feel real nice against the cheek when fired. Who needs a good cheekweld anyway right?

      1. lolinski Avatar

        It is a shotgun… you shoot from the hip or from the armpit.

        1. SittingDown Avatar

          Or the from the balls. Very carefully.

    2. Spidermonkey Avatar

      True story. I bet he never zeroed it period. I am so fed up seeing all the cheap red dots out there. I laugh my ass off everyday I see AR with flip up sights, a red dot, and laser on it and all three have never been sighted in.

      1. viperbo21 Avatar

        Nope. Try again.

        1. Spidermonkey Avatar

          Well I do apologize. I have seen two TruGlos break while mounted on shotguns in class. The other issues we have seen in classes with cheap red dots is sometimes the zero will drift due to the recoil.

          1. viperbo21 Avatar

            It’s all good. I can’t afford a aimpoint for everything. I originally bought this for my 22/45 lite but it ended up on the 930 and stayed there. If it breaks w/e it was cheap.

            1. Socialkaos Avatar

              You can’t afford an aimpoint but you can afford a $500 NEA pdw stock for that AR. Well at least it looks cool at the range.

              1. viperbo21 Avatar

                Sold it. Doesn’t work with 300 blk. Bought magpul.

  4. Mad operatorish

  5. Raoul Duke Avatar
    Raoul Duke

    MOAR shotgun firepower is awesome, yo! An’ people shits themselves when ya pump tha action, yo!

  6. Its not oper8or enough, needs another barrel, and 10k lumen spotlight.

  7. if the situation deescalates into less than lethal force, he can use the 42 pound shotty as an impact weapon. against an Orc.

    +42 on his melee rolls.

  8. A light on a home defense gun?! But the bad guy is gonna know where you are!! That’s insane!

    3″ shells huh? Because 2.75″ 00 is for people who sit down to pee.

  9. Your shotty ain’t tacticool unless it weighs 30 lbs.

  10. overkill556x45 Avatar

    From my limited exposure to 3 gun I’ve lost interest in the 930. If an auto shotgun pukes, odds are it’s a 930. But if you never shoot, it’s not really an issue.

  11. I’d love to hear him explain the home invasion scenario where the best option is to grab a shotgun with 57 shells strapped to it.
    He said he takes them off when he goes to the range. What a wimp. Tired of getting laughed at I wonder? Train like you fight brah!

  12. What, no bayonet? Unimpressed.

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      It’s in his pocketesesesssss. (/smeagol voice)

  13. viperbo21 Avatar

    Sweet I made the endo blog. Been visiting this blog for years. Thanks for the spike in views I could use the money. The truglo works great. Not as good as my 2 Aimpoints but a lot cheaper. I have a video up shooting steel at 100 yards. Not sure why this would be considered derp. It’s a purpose built shotgun. It’s not the only shotgun I have. I don’t load it up with shells when I go to the range. The brass catcher is obviously to catch brass for reloading.

    I’m a fellow firearms enthusiast. A fellow recreational shooter. Was it really necessary to insult me, Mike?

    I hope my other videos arnt to derpy for you.

    1. Q: Was it necessary to insult you?

      A: Yes, because you attached 57 (fifty-seven) shells to a shotgun “in case an intruder”.

      Though honestly if I had a gun with 2 kilos of ammo mounted on it I’d probably need 2 kilos worth because I couldn’t aim it worth a crap. Self-fulfilling prophecy!

      1. viperbo21 Avatar

        To each his own. Where are your videos?

        1. I don’t make firearms videos because frankly I don’t consider my ability to assemble parts someone else machined into a working firearm to be much more remarkable than building lego kits which I pretty much had figured out by the time I was 7.

        2. Why spend all that money on saddles when you can buy a 12+1 tube extension? If you’re worried about running out of ammo, that’s where I would start. What if you drop the gun and all the ammo falls off? At least you’d have the 13 in the gun.

          If you require video evidence of my operatorhood, click on my name. There’s video of me winning two 3-gun matches. I think there’s one of a USPSA match too (didn’t win that one).

          1. He could just as easily keep a bandoleer of shotshells too… you know… that allows you to actually load the things pretty fast and doesn’t make the weapon weigh 30 lbs.

            Having saddles all over the weapon is the very classic definition of derp because you could almost de-prime, prime, reload, and crimp new shells in the time it would take you to go through the yoga poses necessary to reload using the derpy saddles.

      2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        +1 to that. Whatever works for you though viper.

        1. viperbo21 Avatar


  14. SittingDown Avatar

    He probably has a huge wing on his car. Probably tells people it’s to increase down force on the Bahn at 85kph.

      1. At least he has good taste in cars.

      2. SittingDown Avatar

        No Viper?

  15. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  16. MeggaZappin Avatar

    That YouTube channel is bananas. Surprise-the 930 doesn’t even cycle with empty carriers. As for that SBR with brass catcher and auto collapsing stock…I’m amazed that didn’t win the SCAR contract.

  17. Texas-Roll-Over Avatar


  18. Viper you’ve been a good sport about this.

    But yo, that shotty is mad retarded. I’m not going to tell you how to rig it, but I will suggest a Chris Costa approved tactical man purse filled with buckshot, slugs and Travis Haley approved operator skin care products.

  19. Viper, have you actually practiced speed loading from those shell holders? I think you’ll find it’s much faster with the primer end down. With all that weight can you even hold the gun level with one hand while you feed with the other? You also might find that more conventional shell carriers are easier to use, just look at some 3-gunners. I’m sure you could rig up a vest of some sort. Have you tried running 57 rounds through the gun in a short time period? My FN SLP gets hot enough to need gloves after a dozen or two.

    Also, if plan A is to get in a 57-round shotgun battle with an intruder in your house, you need a better plan. First off you’ll be permanently deaf. I think I’d do a tactical withdrawl after just a few.

    1. viperbo21 Avatar

      Nope. Never saw the point it’s a fun gun. I wouldn’t use auto for hd. In an emergency situation the ammo is with the gun. I can throw it in the trunk and roll out. This gun is far from plan A. Plan A is a G21. B is AR. Ect….

  20. What do your parents think about you having that shotgun in their house?

  21. You can always tell the guys who have never taken a class before by the amount of stuff they attach to their gun.

    1. There’s actually some truth in this post.

  22. Sheepdog6 Avatar

    I’m going to give you some advice. Rip that crap off your shotgun and turn it back into a combat effective weapon. Grow up, get some good advice from people who know, and take a training class or two.

    Oh…and find yourself a real car that does something other than whine loudly. I suggest something made in a place called Germany.

    1. viperbo21 Avatar

      1. Break in my house or threaten my love ones and find out which of my weapons are combat effective. 2. I don’t need to “take a class” I learned enough in Fort Benning. 3. Your an idiot if your you think a 350hp turbocharged awd car can only whine loudly. As for buying a German car, we’re not all rich like you with our Kimbers, Porsches, and supermodel girlfriends.

      Maybe you should watch some of my other videos before you open your punk mouth. I goddamn guarantee you would talk to me this way unless you were behind the safety of your keyboard.

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        You’ve been a good sport about all this but I laughed at the “say it to my face and then see what happens fucker” tone in the above comment LOL

        Stay tactical Viper :)

        1. viperbo21 Avatar

          Yep yep. Tacticool ftw.

        2. viperbo21 Avatar

          I was careful how I worded that. Didn’t want to pull a James Yeager. We all know how that ended.

      2. Sheepdog6 Avatar

        Oddly personal response. I’m sure that someone breaking into your house will crap their pants at merely the sound of you racking your shotgun. If they are still around maybe you’ll get them. Unless it is a group of quick midgets. They are so fast you will waste all your ammo missing them. And then they will swarm you like s pack of zombies. Ninja midgets for the win Steve.

        I do think you need to take a class. Hanging 57 shotgun shells on a shotgun is your inner Call of Duty character screaming for actual firearms training. Preferably something other than a diesel mechanic class. Hey Ft Bennington needs guys who fix the trucks that take the real operatorish types to the flight line to go kill the bad guys right.

        German cars > Japanese cars

        Because my supermodel wife and two dachshunds say so from behind the gated walls of my mansion. If you will excuse me I have to supervise the construction of my grand fountain that shoots Frog Lube.

      3. I don’t think this internet thing is going to be your kind of gig, kid. And el oh el at justifying that flea market red dot because you “already have 2 aimpoints.” Too bad you don’t have the common sense to maintain priorities even at the risk of, OH NO, not owning another firearm. You should sell that abortion of a shotgun and empty every round you’ve got for that AR into your CPU. It’s the right thing to do.

      4. Was it the German car comment?

  23. Viper,
    Props for staying positive after all this.
    I see what you were going for and I’d rather see the video of the gun you built, than hear about how you want to built this awesome shotgun.

    So after some constructive criticism that this may not be as good in application as it was just theory. Take some good advice from people who know, forget the haters and modify it a bit to help make it more effective for its intended purpose… Or don’t. I mean it’s your fucking gun, and we’re just the Internet.

  24. I’m not the Internet, I’m a real boy!


    Dang, I could have used that when that football team invaded my house.

  26. Is that the same Promag vertical forward grip that ripped off the Kel-Tec KSG and the guy shot his hand off? http://thegunwriter.blogs.heraldtribune.com/17484/a-devastating-accident-with-the-kel-tec-ksg/

    1. viperbo21 Avatar

      Eh. Works for I use KAC on my ARs.

      1. And the difference in recoil between a shotgun and a .223 is?

        Is the picatinny rail on your AR polymer like on the KSG?

        Critical thinking time.

  27. HashtagNot Avatar

    live to derp.

  28. HashtagNot Avatar

    derp to live.