Yardarm Techonologies Wants To Make All Police Guns Smart

No NO NOOOOOOO!  Ugh, what happened to the good old days where you could shoot a dog or pistol whip someone without an app or smart hardware snitching on you?   Just jokes guys… you know I love all you LEOs long time.

Associated Press on the technology:

I have a feeling most people in the line of duty would prefer not to have something like this, but I could be wrong. I say this because RARELY do they find themselves on the “other side” of the law (for better or for worse). Sure it happens in instances of gross negligence, but it’s no surprise that the smaller cases with less damning evidence easily seem to disappear.   Sounds like this technology isn’t providing all that much previously unknown data besides GPS coordinates, the number of shots fired, and the direction of shots at those coordinates. Who knows what story that could tell though? If you don’t have recorded HD Camera footage (at the very minimum… but really is one angle even enough?) to back it up, the shot “evidence” is still really up for interpretation because you have no idea what the party who the officer was shooting at was doing. To me this is the biggest flaw, and the main reason I don’t want to see police departments bogged down with crap like this. At the end of the day they are doing a job… a job where I like to think most of them are great people who live by their oath. If you start wanting to use technology to throw them under the bus that’s not going to go over well.

Oprah-You-Get-A-GunI’ve watched enough movies to know internal affairs would be so far up an officer’s ass if they thought there was any wrongdoing, it would take a tactical Hercules to pull them out.



16 responses to “Yardarm Techonologies Wants To Make All Police Guns Smart”

  1. Sooooo this is all about officer safety and not being able to communicate when in a bad situation? I thought they already had something like this for us lowly citizens, called “Life Alert” of 2am informercial “I’ve fallen and I cant get up” fame. Or is this a sneaky attempt at tracking an officers weapon/location?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      It definitely seems like a backdoor way to increase LEO accountability.

  2. Just watched the top video, what a waste of tax payer money. The firearm always a fucking voice, it goes BANG, which is universal for “fuck-off or die”.

    Side note, they do realize that the grip hole in the Glizocks everyone likes to shove a butt plug into serves a purpose right? It’s a waste chute, not the best place to be jamming your electrical circuitry into.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I know people are always taking about that channel being for debris to pass through… There isnt much up there though I’d youve ever shined a light inside or looked at a CAD cross section. I have yet to see a failure attributed to someone sticking a grip plug or anything else in there. Seems to me if that hole was so crucial to having debris exit, then debris could get up in there and foul the gun up causing it not to function too.

  3. Just using one of those little cameras that you pin to your shirt would do so much more for accountability. No real-time tracking though.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Yea exactly. I’m sure all the tracking capabilities are coming soon enough.

  4. SittingDown Avatar

    I LOL’d, First video @ 1:10.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Lol Yea she’s really waving that thing.

    2. Stitch180 Avatar

      Watch it again, it’s because she’s shooting southpaw but craning her neck to utilize her right eye…dumdumdumdumdum

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        LOOOOOLLLLL incredible. I missed that.

        1. Lots of good people are left-handed and use their right eye to shoot. But for this gal, I think she’s just under-trained…

          Can’t really say for this device, though, I think a micro-camera (with a GPS maybe) would be just as fine. You can even rig them directly to the evil bayonet lug on the even-more-evil military assault weapons of mass destruction the militarized police carries nowadays in their tanks.

          1. Stitch180 Avatar

            Cross-dominant for pistols is no biggie, but doing it for rifles is just a huge proficiency issue. She has no peripheral view, her balance is off and contorting your body like that dramatically reduced her recoil mitigation. Under-trained is an understatement because she was trained improperly off the bat.

  5. So it’s important for the cop who’s doing the shooting to have a transmitter in his gun telling his department that he’s shooting so ‘they’ can make a split second decision that can save the cop’s life? Because dispatch can send out good thoughts right away to help the cop?

  6. Bout time the reign in these jack booted ham fisted goons.

  7. Take cops guns, It’s obvious they can’t have them with out making black kids bow down to them on the street before shooting them with blacktalon rounds.

  8. Hunter57dor Avatar

    I can design a better officer tracking system for 200 dollars per officer, in my garage, WITHOUT f*cking the gun up and endangering officer safety.

    -Raspberry pi – $35

    -USB GPS device- $40

    -software- Free, because LINUX. kismet GPS tracking software.

    -USB webcam- $20

    -12,000 MAH battery for power- $50

    -clips, straps, cases, etc to package it all on an officers person can take up the rest of the cost.

    the public isn’t asking much. all we want is an individual video feed of each officer, along with GPS coordinates to confirm their story. the better part is, if this system fails, noone dies because of it.