FURY – In Theaters Now

A behind the scenes look at the tanks:

A short look at the story itself:

fury-brad-pittAny of you guys see this yet?  Definitely on my watch list.


6 responses to “FURY – In Theaters Now”

  1. On my ‘to see’ list as well, but I took the wife to the movies Friday already. It’s gonna take me 6 months to pay that off before I can afford to go again.

  2. Very good movie ! Must see in theaters !
    In fact wish the place I had seen it at had the sound as loud as possible.
    I am no WW2 vet but watching this as a Iraq vet that lived in a light armored vehicle for years of my life it struck home and was pretty damn realistic.
    Somehow got the wife to come and the gore was a little much for her.

  3. I felt the same way, it felt like life on the road on route 1, except replace the nazis with Taliban and updated equipment.

  4. saw it. can’t believe im saying this, but MORE STORY LESS ACTION PLEASE.

    though the action scenes were top notch. would see again.

  5. I guess I’m in the minority, but I walked out. Why? Boring.

    I know, how can a war movie be boring? I wondered the same.

    My thoughts?
    Flat characters acting out dull stereotypes. Seeing decent actors wasted in these roles was very disappointing.
    Strange, awkward contrasts between American exceptionalism (OMG we are so great, Germans are bad!) and Americans as ravenous war-crimers (we eat babies, but it’s war that makes it that way.. and sure the germans are the same.. but we’re good!) – just leads to a very lame attempt at ethical and moral insight.
    Not enough interesting action and.. the action scenes lacked any strategy. People heading directly into each other shooting, not flanking, etc..

    Bottom line – I don’t think they knew what sort of movie they wanted to make. A period action film, or a classic war film. The action scenes lack the interest of the latter, and there aren’t enough of them to be the former. The flat characters satisfy the former, but not the latter. The sprawling cinematography style fits the latter better than the former. And so on.

    That said I’m sure many people will enjoy it which is fine. I was hoping to see a good tank movie, instead I got a dull contemporary attempt at an insightful war movie.

  6. NotoriousAPP Avatar

    Just got out of movie. It was meh. Definitely needed more story and better planned action scenes. Too many awkward pauses in main battle. I love WWII scenery and movies but damn, that was the best they can do? I couldn’t stop thinking as I left the theatre that saving private Ryan may never be unseated as the best WWII movie ever.

    Highlight of the movie was that the theatre served Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA.