Tuned Steel Targets For Making Sweet Gun Music

Playing the Star Spangled Banner with a rifle:

LOL that’s FREEDOM / AMERICA right there.  Suck on that ISIS.

I used the term “Tuned” loosely in the title.  When he shot that “A” I pretentiously was like “Ew, that A is so flat…. would NOT operate with”.  haha jk I didn’t,  I was too in awe of what was going on but I know some people would.

Musical-Steel-TargetsCatch your boy ENDO at the range playing AC/DC THUNDERSTRUCK full speed with dual MP7s.  Reckless.

These steel targets are available at Musical Targets and range in price from $250 – $600 depending on how many notes you want.

Gat tip: Jeremy via Gizmodo


5 responses to “Tuned Steel Targets For Making Sweet Gun Music”

    Merica bitches.

  2. LongBeach Avatar

    That was patriotic as hell. Hopefully he posts another vid after he has practiced a few more times, and after he digs up an AR and a Beta mag (or two), just to make it ‘flow’ a little better. If he gets really good maybe they’ll let him play the anthem before a Patriots game!

  3. Do the A-Team theme or I will throw empty Miller bottles (that’s a type of beer, for you non-operator types) at you and your musical posse.

  4. Damn, I bet this must be awesome with a suppressed rifle !