Honest Swedish Military Recruitment Ad

This is badass / true:

Muppet-Show-Swedish-Chef-GunsThey can offer reality, education, making a difference, AND they forgot to add M90 camouflage.  One of my favorite patterns.

Hat tip: FirearmBlog


6 responses to “Honest Swedish Military Recruitment Ad”

  1. “Da boom boom!” – Sven

  2. Grindstone Avatar

    I feel like I’m in a weird time paradox. ENDO sourcing from TFB for something that has been around for quite a while.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Heh I don’t really care if something is 15 years old, if I like it it’s getting posted. ;)

      1. Grindstone Avatar

        Yeah, but usually it’s in reverse order.

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          Heh yea no kidding! I get emails about that constantly.

  3. czbeardly Avatar

    Being from Sweden, I approve of this Ad. Also, today our navy is hunting for (russian) subs in our territorial Waters. Good old Putin’ knows how to spice up a Friday.