If you’re Going To Steal Valor At Least Do Some Research

This tool. Derp:

Stolen-Valor-memeThere are few things lower than stolen valor.  It’s even more irritating when these idiots don’t even do proper research like in the video. *smh*

It’s too bad there are laws that would get people in hot water, for making douchebags like this drive home naked (at the very minimum).

As a 102nd Chairborne Ranger keyboard black ops veteran, I take people who pretend they are bloggers VERY seriously.


Gat tip: Brandon


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  1. rarely did i work along side the Army in their dress uniforms, but even i could tell that “costume” is pretty messed up. i didn’t earn much ribbons but that system alone was a pain in the ass to figure out, i wouldn’t have given it a second glance, if not for all those damn medals. they were nice to him at least, some people get quite “passionate” about stolen valor.

  2. The Truth Hurts Avatar
    The Truth Hurts

    Videos like this drive me nuts, and not because of the guy playing dress up. These so called Marines, harassers, seem to pick and choose when they want to follow and violate the enlistment oath they took:

    I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic;

    They don’t get to pick and choose what’s constitutional and what’s not. The Supreme Court reserves that duty and was clear in UNITED STATES v. ALVAREZ that the wearing of military garb and medals is protected speech and it’s a liberty we all enjoy under the first amendment.

    It’s time the U.S. Attorney or military court to start charging these oath breakers for failing to uphold the oath they took or for violating the civil rights of the people they harasses and thump. It’s time for the Marines and others to get this through their thick heads; THE STOLEN VALOR ACT WAS RULED, AND STILL IS, UNCONSTITUTIONAL!. UPHOLD THE OATH YOU TOOK OR LEAVE THE MARINES.

    1. Okay so if it’s constitution for him to do so, then he isn’t charged with a crime or prosecuted. However just because something is legal and constitutional doesn’t mean it doesn’t warrant a verbal licking, if you will. They aren’t trying to assault him, they aren’t suggesting he be taken in by police, they are informing him that what he is doing (while apparently legal and constitutional) is wrong and immoral.

      It’s someones constitutional right to tell me to go fuck my self and it’s my right to say the same back…

      1. The Truth Hurts Avatar
        The Truth Hurts

        You seem to have problem grasping what’s going on. It’s a free speech issues. These so called marines don’t get to identify themselves and then chastise someone for constitutionally protected acts. They’re not upholding the oath they took. If they have problem with that oath, either don’t take it or get the hell out of the military.

        I’m tired of these low IQ enlisted shits going on and on about stolen valor. It shows; one, how little they know about a law the courts struck down and two, that they don’t understand the first thing about “I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States” Because they are neither support free speech or defending it.

        1. So what prohibits the marines from calling him out as long as they don’t threaten or detain him. Just cause you have the right to say or do something stupid doesn’t trump my right for calling you a idiot about it.

          1. The Truth Hurts Avatar
            The Truth Hurts

            Harassing someone for exercising their first amendment right is hardly living up the oath of defending the constitution. You have to defend it as it is, not just the stuff you like. You have to defend the vile and repulsive as well.

            1. So if I don’t break any laws, you are still saying I shouldn’t be able to call this guy out, make fun of him, and let others know that this guy is a liar? Again I am not saying the guy isn’t allowed to, just that he is a piece of shit for doing it.

            2. So, if you take the oath, you’re not allowed to practice that same freedom of speech you’ve sworn to protect???

              1. OK, mister The Troll Hurts, what about burning a US Flag? As far as I know, this is protected by the 1st Amendment, and any US Citizen has the right to do so.
                I’d like to see you doing it in front of those 2 grunts and explaining them that they should support you, help you and (why not) giving you a lighter.

        2. andddd… they also have the right of free speech to be able to call him out. Fuck that he deserves an ass-whoopin 1st and we should have people calling out these fakes they use peoples love for veterans of their own selfish benefit. don’t defend this guys he is a fucking dickhead, if wear wanted to wear the uniform he should have joined up like myself and all the other vets. i take my oath seriously and ill be damned if i let someone disgrace that and the men and women who have died so we could keep our RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH. btw the 2nd too HEHEHEHE

    2. You think those Marines calling this guy out for being a fake, stealing valor from those who earned it, are worse than the thief? You must be one of those dress up queens yourself.

      1. The Truth Hurts Avatar
        The Truth Hurts

        Too bad the courts don’t agree with you. Go cash your gov’t check and get some gov’t subsidized food. Looks like you’re another one who wants to pick and choose the parts of the oath your find acceptable.

        1. Jollyroger Avatar

          So they cannot disagree with something?Do they not have 1st Amendment rights? Can I as a Marine not disagree with you because it violates your free speech. If I do something offensive to you are you not allowed to challenge because of my free speech?

          1. The Truth Hurts Avatar
            The Truth Hurts

            Disagreeing and taking action against someone are not the same thing, and you don’t seem to comprehend that.

    3. The shortbus is strong in this one. I love how it’s only the poser douchebag that is allowed to exercise his rights of free speech, and yet the real servicemen, the Marines, cannot according to TheTruthHurts. Newsflash you limp-wristed twit, if you are going to use the “free speech” argument, IT APPLIES TO EVERYONE. Talk about a true “inconvenient truth”….

      I would love it if somehow the law of the land was, “it is not illegal to wear a uniform you never earned, but neither will we prosecute someone(s) who beats the ever living shit out of said poser…”, or something to that effect. The only thing that made my day was watching that loser literally shitting his pants that he had been caught, and running off.

      1. The Truth Hurts Avatar
        The Truth Hurts

        Yep, keep saying that. Keeping saying that the oath matters except when you don’t agree with it. Keep going. There’s a reason you enlisted bullet catchers aren’t worth much.

        1. Coming from someone such as yourself who has neither served, nor taken any “oath” of any consequence, that’s rich. You have demonstrated that your opinions are irrelevant, and the fact that you continue to denigrate the service of those who fought, and in many cases died, for their country, ensures that you too, are irrelevant.

        2. Enlisted bullet catchers aren’t worth much? The truth won’t be the only thing hurting if you took up that attitude from most anywhere but your keyboard, and God help you if it’s a few Marines you mouth off around.

        3. Relevant Quote Avatar
          Relevant Quote

          “Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split, as a general thing.”

        4. are commissioned people not bullet catchers? Fuck you dude. you make a good point, but denegrating elisted personnel is a ass hole move. you’re a prick, someone should shut your mouth for you.

    4. troll judge Avatar
      troll judge

      4 out of 5 stars. good effort, but you’re trying too hard.

  3. hashtag_butt Avatar

    One of them should have decked him that’s the easy way to find out who he is false valor I think the cops would side with you

    1. The Truth Hurts Avatar
      The Truth Hurts

      No, I’m 100% sure the cops would make an arrest for assault. You don’t get to deck someone because you don’t like what they’re wearing. You don’t really seem to have a grasp on the U.S. legal system and I fear you’re going to find yourself getting a front row seat to the mechanics of the system when you do something stupid and get arrested for it.

      1. I’d like to knowo what its like to wander through life assuming that you are better and far smarter than everyone you encounter. People like you make me fucking sick. I’d bet you’re the fuck wit at the range with some fancy assed high priced gun and thinks that you’re actually a better person for having it, and that people that don’t are stupid and dont know anything about firearms. I’ve seen people like you over many years of military and being around the gun industry. The sa,e kind of guy that drives a BMW and if you don’t than clearly you don’t know anything about driving or cars in general.

        Go home you egotistical prick, you’re a waste of everyones time and serve only to impress yourself with your inflated ego and bull shit incorrect statements. I hope you get Ebola.

  4. wow wesley snipes hit some hard times, having to dress up like he was in the army. maybe he was researching a role?

  5. John Fritz Avatar
    John Fritz

    OK. He’s a loser with a bunch of unearned and inappropriate military items hung off his chest.

    I think a couple minutes into it those two guys had pretty much made their point. They should’ve just walked from that numbskull right about then.

  6. Nakedgun Avatar

    th; you’re as disgraceful as this actress you so vehemently are defending.

    It’s a slap in the face to those who have have served, lost body parts, friends, and family to have these clowns trying to toot their own miserable horns by impersonating Military personnel. You really give yourself away though, when you refer to your fellow Military peers as “enlisted bullet-catchers.” You’re a joke for defending this clowns’ “Right” to dress-up as well.

    These two Marines defended the honor of their Service. This clown is probably only dressing-up to further his own agenda like the rest of the Stolen-Valor morons.

  7. FarmerJoe Avatar

    Thanks for clearing things up for me. Thought he was the head doorman at the Ritz-Carlton.

  8. Funny thing that for once, here (in France) I’m glad we have strict laws, and wearing a uniform with insignia, or military/civilian medals one wasn’t actually awarded, is an infraction. It’s even worse if you try to use the authority the uniform would give you…

    I don’t know why these guys do that? What are they looking for?

  9. dogxhead Avatar

    This guy is gold! Sgt Major General Moostache.

  10. Grindstone Avatar

    As long as he’s not defrauding anyone, I really couldn’t care less.

    1. dogxhead Avatar

      I actually kind of agree with you.

  11. I can’t imagine trying to fake something like this. The amount of time spent memorizing a plausible back story would be far too tiresome.

  12. That uniform is ALL chewed up. And the guy had nowhere near the bearing of an NCO, let alone a Sergeant Major.

  13. Can someone tell me what valor he stole?

    The problem with this whole idea is a that it’s predicated in part on the idea that every enlisted men = default valor.

    Like the fat dude who hosts gun videos ranted about not to long ago, most enlisted people don’t do shit, they push papers, pack parachutes or some other menial task, aka a job. I am glad they do it and I support pay raises and college bonuses but there is no valor in simply working a job. If one of them jumps on a grenade then then did something of valor, not getting by for 4 years for college money.

    And if one of them does something like that they will be recognized and likely awarded with respect of their peers and others, no one can steal that from them, especially not some dude dressed up like it was Halloween. And if in fact they people deserving of that honor can’t handle mr dress up marine than they obviously are not worthy of respect.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      The combat medals and the stories I’d say.

    2. How about actually watching the video before commenting? (And I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt here, as, if you had indeed watched it, and still posted such a response then…yeah, you have other “issues”).
      1) In that total goat-rope of a uniform he was displaying, among others, both the Silver Star and the Bronze Star with Combat V. If you need this point explained any further then you really have no business even offering your opinion.

      2) He was in ARMY dress blues…not Marine Corps….ARMY.

      3) Clearly you have not served, and thus should keep your opinions to yourself on this matter. Of course, you will not understand, and of course this blatant disrespect will mean nothing to you. So you chose a different path. Fine. Have the intelligence, not to mention class, to keep your mouth shut regarding issues of which you have neither the intellect nor the experience to understand.

  14. Sure, he as a right to dress up and make an ass out of himself. That has been ruled by the courts.

    That doesn’t mean i dont have the right to call him a poser POS though, freedom of speech is a double edged sword. I have the enumerated right to call this person out, not go beyond the tip of the nose, even though I would love to slap him until his ears ring…