Behind The Scenes On The Glock G41 Commercial


Behind The Scenes:

I don’t know why we needed an EXTENDED CUT (shown above) so bad… when the original commercial from April was basically the same thing.  I’ll admit, I have a bit more respect for the commercial now that I see they needed to nail that last part in one smooth take.  The guy-worried-about-efficiency in me though was like “Couldn’t they just have just used the guy walking in front of the camera at 0:47 as a cut, and 1:04 as a cut as well?”.

Crooks-And-Castles-New-Era-Glock-Grind-HatTHE BEST PART OF THE ENTIRE COMMERCIAL —> 1:25 that guy places the step stool.  I died.  When you see the operator step off the stool at 1:30 you see the explosive he placed was at eye level… hardly out of reach, requiring a stool.  Perhaps this is something from the SPBO (Special Plane Breaching Operators) handbook I’m not privy to?

Do you own one of these G41 High Speed Low Drag military pistols yet?  Can civilians even own such weaponry that can take down small aircraft?


3 responses to “Behind The Scenes On The Glock G41 Commercial”

  1. No Multicam Black? Who do these jokers think they are? That Kryptek Typhon is so third tier.

  2. I’m going to guess the stool wasn’t to place the breaching charge, but to allow easy entry into the aircraft once the door was open.

  3. Your humor is seeming a little forced, the ladder is for access after the breech. The pistol is the reason for the commercial, c’mon there is certainly someone running around with a camo tshirt in which you can ridicule as a wannabe.