Hook & Loop Society For Morale Patches

A look at morale patches, and a community that ITS Tactical just started:

Cool stuff.  This interests me because I recently started getting ENDO Apparel into morale patches, after many people have been bugging me for them.  I really was naive to the popularity of morale patches until recently… guys are pretty obsessed with them.

hook-and-loop-societyVisit the Hook & Loop Society website for instructions on how to join.

I’ll be talking about my first morale patch here on the blog quite soon, so stay tuned.

Are a lot of you guys into morale patches?


18 responses to “Hook & Loop Society For Morale Patches”

  1. triggernoob Avatar

    I have half a dozen morale patches stuck to the headliner of my truck. Just look up and you see ’em. That’s just one place I have ’em. So, yes.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      That’s a damn good place to put them!

  2. dogxhead Avatar

    Pokémon cards.

    1. Loser. Beanie Babies are what all the cools kids are collecting.

  3. why don’t you have international shipping? I live England and I can’t buy any of your cool shit.

    1. Skip11B Avatar

      Because aren’t you going to get arrested by the Bobbies if you own anything gun related? It may not be safe. (sarcasm)

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I’m strongly considering offering it soon!

    3. There are shipping courier services you can use. I’ve used JetBox to get things to central america.

  4. yea mike i need endo patches so i can be all operator n shit

  5. An unorganized militia patch would be awesome

    1. blehtastic Avatar

      Yes. I would buy 3.

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        Unorganized Militia is coming soon. Everything is finalized I’m just waiting on samples / production.

        1. Sweet!

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Unorganized Militia is coming soon… everything is finalized I’m just waiting on samples / production.

  6. Critter Avatar

    i still have some pieces of fuzzy velcro on my web gear that don’t have anything on them, so, yeah, we need patches.

  7. I hear rumors that the Hook and Loop Society is going to join forces with the Bobbin’ and Weavin’ Society.


    1. Ohh Shit i just read that the Poppin’ and Lockin’ Society wants in too!

      It’s coming.

  8. matt RRC Avatar

    I see my C.U.N.T. (Covert Underwater Ninja Team) patch made the wall! Sweet!