Red Jacket 10/22 Chest Rig Is Breathtaking

Red-Jacket-1022-Chest-Rig Mother-Of-God-Meme

Neva ben done befo’.  So sought after it’s sold out internet wide.

I bet that guy in the picture has seen some shit.  If his eyes weren’t cut off for OPSEC purposes I bet it would be an emotionless 1000 yard stare.

I know a guy whose cousin’s uncle’s friend knows a guy in special forces who says they run this exact setup.

Thoughtful that they included PALS webbing.  I’d put coms there, so my mom could tell me when the cookies are ready.


Hat tip: Zack


20 responses to “Red Jacket 10/22 Chest Rig Is Breathtaking”

  1. Benjamin Blatt Avatar
    Benjamin Blatt

    LOL. Whatever. A real operator would only use the BX25X2, not promag crap.

    1. Because .22LR just isn’t an effective squirrel-stopper for a real operator unless it is stored in a Ruger magazine.

  2. Bo Hica Avatar

    There’s a reason some things have neva’ been done befo’.

  3. chest rig expert Avatar
    chest rig expert

    those mag pouches look more like they were designed to hold dildos, not 10/22 mags.

    1. Chuck Finley Avatar
      Chuck Finley

      ^^^^ fuckin master level troll right there, bravo, bravo

  4. So, Red Jacket designed this small with the underage girl in mind?

    1. Thats how he got his saying “neva’ been done befo”

      1. I’m crying here… CRYING.

    2. I think it would make a great gift for a young lady, along with a 10-22.


  5. yah it will be a cold day in hell before i wear suspenders to hold 10/22 mags lmfao
    neva been done befo and neva been do again i hope!!!

  6. Zachary Avatar

    Its even got MOLLE webbing. ..

  7. I swear Cheaper Than Dirt sold these as MP5 vests in 2001/02 for $10.

    1. TheBear Avatar

      Throwing a Red Jacket logo on it makes the price skyrocket and increases the marketability to little girls.

  8. Mechanically Avatar

    Low budget for the marketing shots…? Maybe Red Jacket couldn’t afford more than half a box of .22 to load in the mags.

  9. the deep is real in this one Mike

  10. Matt in FL Avatar
    Matt in FL

    Comments, from cookies to the end, had me rolling. Thanks.

    1. Lol I know, I love this blog.

  11. blehtastic Avatar

    I’m suddenly wondering if original soe’s subgun micro rig would hold bx 25’s, but it looks like they’re not making those either.

    Maybe an HSGI extended pistol taco would work.

  12. Critter Avatar

    oh, i dunno, maybe it could hold some Colt 9mm mags? wouldn’t that be more manly? eh?

    1. Zachary Avatar

      Not with the rjf logo