Grenade Launcher Revolver

The LAV takes a look at the 40mm Milkor M32A1:

Larry-Vickers-Hover-SunglassesThe video is not as exciting as some of Larry’s recent other ones, but still cool.  I want… no NEED a 38mm version of this. Or some similar type revolver that launches drink cans haha.  Does anyone make one?  Yes I know single shot ones exist… im talking a revolver like this.


5 responses to “Grenade Launcher Revolver”

  1. Texan Matt Avatar
    Texan Matt

    How about a pneumatic revolver that fires tennis balls?

    In action with a mythbuster:

  2. Steveweiser Avatar

    Larry’s little T-Rex arms always crack me up.

  3. lolinski Avatar

    How are you sure about ranges when using a GL considering the trajectory? That is at unknown range, not a square, measured range.

    Do you just wing/eyeball it and hope for the best or do you have a way of measuring distance quickly.

  4. R.D.M.F. Jones Avatar
    R.D.M.F. Jones

    There’s always Penn Arms. Work with these at my job, basically a derivative of the old “Streetsweeper” shotgun, the designer still works for them. They work most of the time but can be a bitch to work on. Oh and you cannot shoot soda cans out of it. That would be cool tho.

  5. We had a Def-Tec 40mm 6-shot launcher similar to that; you even had to wind/charge the cylinder in the same manner. I know some folks had some major issues with this winding mechanism wearing down over time, throw of the timing and the cylinder/chamber not properly indexing on the barrel. That launcher was one HEAVY bitch.