Ruger 10/22 With A USFA Zip .22 LR Vertical Grip Both Suppressed

Twice the stopping power!  :P


Source: Impact Guns

Is the Zip still a piece of shit, or are all the kinks ironed out?  I blogged about it a few times when it came out, then didn’t hear much about it again until Mattv2099 did his videos, the last one being where he put the spring upgrade kit in it and was actually able to put rounds through it without malfunctions.

Besides the fact the square design of the zip is kind of cool, I still think it’s a needless reinvention of the wheel… where the wheel is made more dangerous and not as functional in the process.



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  1. shockfish08 Avatar

    The 10/22 Ruger mag upgrade w/ bullet bandolier is pretty neat looking.

  2. the zip needs to be made into a bullpup rifle!

  3. At least the suppressor keeps your hand out from in front of the barrel when pushing the charging plunger now.

  4. – An unfortunate review followed by a series of customer service issues with ZiP.

  5. Oddly enough this is the same company (U.S. Fire-Arms Manufacturing Co.) that used to make SAA clones under the Blue Dome. They went from being the heirs of the Colt single-actions to only producing a toy that requires an ATF stamp to really be fun.

  6. Errrmmm … did this just become an SBR? It has a sub-16 inch barrel and a stock now.

    1. Yep. Says as much on their website under Q&A.

  7. where are the sights on the Ruger?

  8. Off topic (but I would like an answer):

    How much are the Ruger 10/22 mags curved in comparison to AK mags?

  9. is that now a .44

    1. If you have a quad rail on the Ruger and attach three ZIPs (gotta leave the top rail clear for a red dot) on it you would have a .88.

  10. Reminds me of the Shocker hand gesture. That would be a sweet name for this rig as well….a really big…black…Tactical Shocker

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha yea that would be awesome

  11. John Fritz Avatar

    Until plinkster gives it his blessings… pass.

  12. Yo dawg.

    1. Outstanding.

  13. MyNamesMeToo Avatar

    this pic needs some pimp my ride meme in its life

  14. It would make a good prop as a futuristic pistol in a movie.

    Apart from that it’s a piece of shit as likely to blow up in your hand as it is to function.

    Given that its form factor makes it pretty useless for target shooting or hunting; and its reliability and caliber make it useless for SD – I’m not quite sure what the point of it is.

  15. Zip22 is a solution in search of a problem.