LAV Interviews Bravo Company USA’s CEO Paul Buffoni

Bravo-Company-Paul-BuffoniDown to earth guy, who takes a lot of pride in his company and products.  Good stuff, I like the direction he’s taking the company too.  I have a BCM upper which meets my needs (meaning in my case that it hasn’t failed due to cheeto dust off my hands when I pick the rifle up to play with it occasionally).

If you aren’t familiar with Bravo Company make sure to check out their website.  They have lots of parts and accessories in stock, at good prices.

9:48 – Is LAV not associated at all with Daniel Defense anymore?  If he isn’t, is there a good story I should know?


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  1. Don’t think there’s much of a story with him and DD. Direct from the LAV’s mouth (well keyboard) from 2012:

    “Daniel Defense will return as a presenting sponsor along with BCM for season three of TacTV – as always we involved with the show appriciate their support along with all the other sponsors; without them the show would not be possible

    “My direct involvement as a design consultant and company spokesman will end Dec 31st, 2012 – I wish Daniel Defense all the best as they move forward as a company

    “I hope that clears up the situation regarding me and Daniel Defense for everyone”
    Source: Post #70.

    It’s like the guy doesn’t even want the free publicity from Internet drama. He could learn a thing or two from ENDO favorites Yeager and Cory /: sarcasm

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Thanks PJ! Haha yea I’m a bit disappointed there isn’t an elaborate movie script level type story.

      1. pointblank4445 Avatar

        As vocal as he is about some things, I don’t think you’ll see him publicly go out against someone he once dealt with or an industry name like DD even if there happens to be drama. That’s just not smart business. I know many (myself included) were scratching their heads when LAV started pushing BCM hard, and Rob Pincus showed up on DD’s promotions at the same time. If you still want some drama, you can always go back to the LAV/DocGKR AAR mess, or go back farther to the Spongebob incident. Those are classics.

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          That spongebob pic is amazing, I’ll have to look into that drama sometime as I am not familiar with it.

        2. Fair enough. Relations can’t be too bad though. DD still sponsors Tac TV and BCM sells the Vickers Tactical carbine DVDs he made with DD, along with their rails.

  2. I’ll watch his TacTV stuff for entertainment purposes and I don’t doubt the usefulness of his courses, but I’m done with his gear recommendations after that Surefire 60/100 thing; said it was the bomb on his show then retracts it on a forum because so many of those mags were failing in his classes. Luckily I got to sell the ones I bought fast for original cost because of the AWB scare. When a paycheck is backing product endorsement, there probably wasn’t extensive testing involved. I’ll stick with guys like Tim over @ MAC (until/if they start getting paid to advertised too).

    1. I read the threads on his SME section of There’s several where people will ask about gear he used on the show and he’d respond that the only time he’d used it was filming the show and that he couldn’t give a fair review.

      As for endorsements, you don’t necessarily get truly detached reviews just because someone isn’t being paid. Reviewers never dislike products they were sent to review. They know the free swag dries up if they start panning it. And guys who buy stuff themselves often aren’t willing to see all the faults of something they paid for.

  3. i drool over the KMR i need that 15inch tho 13 is for asians I’m black

  4. SittingDown Avatar

    Buffoni looks like Lyle Alzado crossed with Instructor Zero.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      LOL I had to google Lyle Alzado… so true

    2. Alzado, Zero, Buffoni, LAV. Royal rumble style. Who comes out alive?