Stitches Croons About Guns On A Richie Stackin Track

Holy, like 10 seconds into the song and I felt like I had glass shards, Tabasco sauce, and angry fire ants passing through my colon… Stitches has the roughest voice in the game right now.

Richie Stackin looking like he ducked his teenage mom at the park while she was off smoking Newports, then quickly met up with Stitches on the low to record this video.  He was back on the monkey bars before she even cared to look again.  Oh well at least she’ll be proud when she sees the video.  Wait did I just talk shit about Richie Stackin?  Does that mean I’m Bitchmade?  I guess so… damn!

Is that Smart car in the back owned by a member of their entourage?  If so, that’s ill.

2:23 – “I’m in love with my rifle”.  The tapcofucked SKS (AK-47 he calls it) from his previous video?  Right on!  I love hearing pro-gun raps.  As he says earlier, his best friend is his strap (gun)… mess with him you get clapped (shot).  Real talk.

Stitches-RapperInitially I thought his necklace was a gold shell casing, but I realized it actually looks like a gold Bic pen lid.


Hat tip: Jim


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  1. Isn’t he going to be in the new mad max movie? He’d make a great antagonist

    1. That would be perfect! I was thinking one of the Batman villains.

  2. NNOOOOOWWWW I know how to make a rap video……just shake the fucking shit out of the camera! Dude WTF?!?! I got sea-sick watching that vid….no more of that please!

    1. UGH, me too, I had to stop watching it at my desk cause I was getting all pukey.

      1. HA HA should have read your comments before watching, I just puked around 1:51.

        I confirm though for the golden Bic lid necklace… Ha ha…

    2. It made Cloverfield look like it was filmed with a bolted down tripod… That was awful. I was kinda hoping he’d been offed by a cartel or something as well, didn’t expect him to show up again. Wonder how much he had to pay for those two chicks to sit there as well.

  3. As a white, middle class, 30 something, banana republic shopper… I have a hard time connecting with Stitches’s music…

    1. Are you sure? Having a condo with a fish tank means you have big bank. Or something.

      1. I don’t have a condo or a fish tank. But now i’m looking on craigslist…

        1. SittingDown Avatar

          Don’t waste your time. Fish tank to craigslist has something to do with solitary confinement.

        2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          Both are crucial.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar


    3. Personally I prefer the new Huey Lewis and the News album. Have you heard it? Stitches probably does not even have a business card. Meh.

  4. ThomasChagrin Avatar

    As a white middle class 30-something who grew up through the Golden Era of Hiphop, I have a hard time connecting with Stitches’ music as well. Sorry, but this is complete crap. And….nothing like keeping it low profile with the supposed drug sales. Really? Just….no.

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      He’s been using a little too much of his product. I wanna ask him one thing…. “Why so serious?”

  5. Can’t say much for his lyrical lyrics, but at least he displays some trigger control.

  6. I actually met stitches at my gym in coconut grove and he was really cool and polite. We didn’t speak about his music but my friend said “nice tats” and he responded “thank you.” Surprisingly nice young man.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      If only he could channel is zeal for selling and doing blow into something legal, the sky would be the limit!

  7. If you want a good laugh, turn on closed captioning. ;)

    1. You are right, here is a screenshot:

      Good stuff.

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        haha awesome. It works to paste links on here! I edited your comment so it would show up, thanks!

  8. Real talk. Hahahahahahahahahahaha

  9. Toture.

  10. ComradeGarcia Avatar

    Stitches actually has a new AK, it’s some kind of stockless one missing the upper handguard.

  11. Chuck Finley Avatar
    Chuck Finley

    Bastard child of ICP and the joker, with the talent of neither (if you call it talent)

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      Think I’ve figured it out using my Drogan’s decoder ring from a box of Lucky Charms. His name is Stitches. There’s a hood saying called “Snitches get stitches.” So his name is hood speak for informant. He’s a CI. See? Oh and I’ve successfully translated that static-filled, triple-scrambled microwave transmission between two soldiers talking in Mandarin Chinese. They were only using a simple poly-phonetically grouped twenty digit key transposed in boustrophedonic form with multiple nulls. :D

  12. Chuck Finley Avatar
    Chuck Finley

    Im just gonna leave this here.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar


  13. I’ve been waiting for this dude’s album to show up on The Pirate Bay for ages.

    ENDO got me hooked on this. I’m a death metal guy and I absolutely love Stitches hahaha.

  14. this guy is obviously a very nice young man, you cant judge a book by its cover. bs. real tough guy, modest, polite; all of the characteristics of a strong society, quality.

    anytime i see anything current i find myself hating everything and everyone and it seems to get worse day after day. god forbid if i say that aloud, then people get concerned. you’re worried about me? did you just watch that video?

  15. Nellie Lemon Avatar
    Nellie Lemon

    Richie is our son and we love him very much, sorry dude I don’t smoke cig, and We are proud of Richie Stackin since he started a long time ago with his real rap………
    Hope to meet you one day Stitches. keep up the good work Come to see us in Costa Rica …… Keep Stackin Rickie You are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. May have found the problem with his business plan: