HK MP5 A Historical Look

Ahoy takes a look at the MP5 In real life and in video games:


I’d definitely put the MP5k at the top of the list for HK guns I’d like to own.  Backward cartridge version only though.  Weeeeeeeeel maybe one of those not-suitable-for-civilian MP7s.  What about you guys?

I really enjoy Ahoy’s vids, mostly for the real life historical info.  The video game stuff just reminds me that I’m old, and in awe what the youngsters are playing.



9 responses to “HK MP5 A Historical Look”

  1. Nice vid, but Koch is pronounced like “coke”, not whatever that chocking noise the narrator was making.

    1. His pronunciation is 100% right. I, as a german, should know ;)

    2. As a person who speaks German, the way he pronounced it is correct. “CH” becomes that indescribable sound in German.

      Seriously, why would you pronounce it like “coke”? There is a “h” after the “k” in “Koch”.

  2. SittingDown Avatar

    What’s with the Klingon?

  3. I agree with you mike, the last game I bought and played was Halo 3. But when is Ahoy going to tackle the Ar-15/M16? That seems like an obvious weapon to do a video on.

  4. SittingDown Avatar

    I’d rather have a 416c or preferably an AAC Honey Badger.

  5. Why do I have the feeling that more MP5’s have been sold to Hollywood than to actual military units?

    The MP5, it might be a 9mm sub gun that is a pain to disassemble, has no bolt-hold-open feature, and is nearly impossible to mount decent modern optics to, but it kicks ass in Rainbow Six, and isn’t that what really matters?

    1. 2 push pins for upper/lower separation, entire bolt/ carrier is stripped with no tools, no more complicated than any AR.
      The MP5-.40/10mm variant does have the BHO feature.
      As far as optics go, there is a plethora of received/ claw type rails available. No more complicated than any other firearm without “railz”.

    2. I don’t know why you get that feeling, because it was the definitive submachine gun for decades, in use with countless law enforcement outfits and just about every SF unit that had any kind of CQB requirement. If was good enough for the SAS, it was good enough for anyone. The original design lacks M1913 rails because it predates the invention of them, but the weapon is still in production and is now supplied with rails – How is it a pain to disassemble? Are you referring to the bolt? Really not a big deal if you’re trained correctly. As for an HOD, you don’t need an HOD if you count your rounds, and if you did want one, well, HK supplied HOD-equipped MP5s to the FBI. I realise 5.56 carbines make more sense in most situations and the MP5, along with all SMGs is obsolescent, but you can’t ignore the success of the type up to that point.