Emergency Injured Operator Pickup Roll

I know you’re going to want to add this to your bag of operational tricks:

Smooth / Operator AF right?  Hopefully no spinal injuries present on the injured.

Operator-Forward-Roll-Person-PickupIf the guy you picked up has functional arms, you can tell him to grab your pistol and shoot tangos, while you engage with your rifle.


Hat tip: Jason


14 responses to “Emergency Injured Operator Pickup Roll”

  1. If you have an operator who’s that injured, you might just have to put him down. Seriously, the families in the park must have been wondering why the militia was training on a Saturday in May.

    Tactical mullets, Tactical Jeans, Tactical HiTops.

  2. czbeardly Avatar

    Never thought I would live to see a tactical barrelroll, but damn…

  3. JonnyRocket Avatar

    What about with gear?

    1. Exactly.

    2. when it matters you can move with gear on

      1. Not if you’re in the Army you can’t. Maybe as a civilian operator you can… but I doubt it. Mags and tacticool shit is heavy.

  4. SittingDown Avatar

    Too close for comfort.

  5. carbonScoring Avatar

    That almost looked like an Instructor Zero roll.

  6. When I first watched this I thought the dude in the hat was Cory- You know from the tier level 1/3rd training company called Range time with Stolen Valor and Erica.

    1. Grindstone Avatar

      You mean Range Time with Stolen Valor and Daisey Dukes?

  7. Pretty sure this is a wrestling move

  8. This move is called : Dynamic Emergency Rescue Position.

    No use in real life, but pretty ninja !

  9. Oh, and try not to land your elbow in the patient’s crotch when you put your full weight falling on them

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      It worked for Andre The Giant.