Gun Violence Is A Public Health Issue

Brady Campaign on the pathology of gun violence with a snazzy presentation:


So basically criminals and people with mental health issues are the problem, which we already knew.

7:19 – Preventing (the criminal’s having guns and murdering people with them) problem is, and I quote “straight forward as keeping guns out of criminal and dangerous hands, which points us to some straight forward solutions.”

Here are their SIMPLE solutions to prevent criminals having guns:

  1. New policy in Washington like expanding background checks etc… –  YAWWWWWWWWWWNNNN so in other words more laws criminals won’t follow?  Cool story bro.
  2. Legal action!  – Oh noes, crime guns from 1% of gun dealers.  Sure that might be a problem but these guys can still easily get a gun from numerous other places.
  3. hahah “technology”.  *tell me more meme*

Now they talk about the 300 million guns owned by law abiding citizens.  Suicide (2/3 of all gun deaths), and accidents (negligence). Their solution to this part of the problem is marketing (guns are bad and dangerous) because it worked so well with smoking (did it though?) and drinking and driving, and of course “technology” again is another solution.

Brady-Campaign-Center-GunViolinsIt really is pure gold that smoking, obesity, and alcoholism continue to kill more people than guns, but everyone is like “meh, light my cigarette pass me the fries and get me a cold beer” and the media isn’t freaking out about that on a daily basis like they are about guns.  It’s definitely because getting shot is a lot more bloody and dramatic and quick than those other three, therefore viewers love that stuff and the media can sell more advertising etc…

Thoughts? Smart guns for everyone?! :P


One response to “Gun Violence Is A Public Health Issue”

  1. It’s lazy of these bums to suggest that since they can’t think of an effective way, and legal/constitutional way to *prevent* the psychos from getting guns, they just resort to lawmaking. Creating redundant laws that are proven ineffective before they even vote on them. Lazy, pathetic, unauthentic POSs. “Let’s just take the easy route of harassing and infringing good people hoping to net a token rookie bad guy.” I don’t wish violence upon anyone, but I do these scumbags for going out of their way to bring violence to me.