Orlando Jones Is An Avid Reloader

One take with a Ferguson plug / militarized police force rant:

Orlando is rich so I bet he has some sort of custom built ritzy progressive run around the clock by illegal immigrants.

Reloading joke aside my guess is he just bought a bag of brass from Walmart and felt real dirty about it.  Probably paid cash and brought along a Whole Foods paper bag to stash it in to walk back out to his Prius.

Orlando-Jones-Ammo-Bucket-ChallengeAnswer me this… he poured like 5 lbs of brass on his head, why is he winded?  He must have the endurance of a 90 year old woman.

I thought his rant was going somewhere, but then he derailed it with the quickness.  Talk about NRA membership, and flash special police force member badge, disable YouTube comments. Having all those filings in the hair would suck.  



13 responses to “Orlando Jones Is An Avid Reloader”

  1. JohnnyIShootStuff Avatar

    Isn’t this the same guy who advocated the assassination of Sarah Palin. The Parrish sheriff’s in Louisiana are notorious for selling badges to the wealthy and making them reserve deputies.

  2. The one thing I agreed with is the “us vs. them” mentality of cops. Cops and teachers and doctors and other “elite” (as they would like to think) professionals are laughable when they get all uppity about their jobs…of course the ones with unchecked power and the biggest danger to society are as the hood rats say – thugs and gangsters.

  3. KneeShot Avatar

    That was confusing. I will have my 6yr old watch and see what he thinks or if he “gets it”. I sure do not. Ok maybe Orlando means – hey Iam black and The NRA and Police are Ok but let’s be not “miltarized”. Or maybe he is making a statement about black on black Violence, because we all know that black on black violence happens way less then police brutality. Look at Chicago. Yeah I don’t get it.

  4. Forrest Avatar

    I, for one, believe him when he says he is an NRA member, reloader, and “special” officer.

    Ferguson got way out of hand real quick and just about the only person in that city who doesn’t seem to have broken the stupid barrier is the officer who started it all by killing a man who broke his eye socket and grabbed for his gun. Police militarization is a problem. Police brutality is a problem. They need to stop. The “Us vs Them” mentality is a very, very real thing and it’s scary as hell.

    Take a look at the reports of items police departments have been given by the military recently. They include bayonets, charging handles for belt-fed weapons, and baclavas that give them the ability to act without revealing their identities. Seriously, do you think there is any reason police officers who are called to “protect and serve” need bayonets or the ability to act publicly with anonymity?

    I’m sure most of us know the purpose of the bayonet. It was driven into our heads during basic training. Who among us wants law enforcement officers chanting “kill, kill, kill with the cold blue steel” in their heads while working tense events?

    Who thinks that the most dangerous weapon you can give a man is the ability to act with impunity and anonymity?

    Nothing Orlando Jones said was anti-gun. Nothing he said was anti-law enforcement. If you actually listen to him, all he said was that civil rights are being trampled by masked men with guns and badges in a country that should be governed by the rule of law and that this needs to stop.

    I applaud him for his stance and will join him in taking the brass bucket challenge to raise awareness of this even more serious disease.

  5. But does he know anything about money laundering?

    1. xPressureDropx Avatar

      No he sells magazine subscriptions….

  6. Stand Darsh Avatar
    Stand Darsh

    Do you launder money on the cold setting?

  7. jigga jones Avatar
    jigga jones

    Y’all be so cray

  8. jim bob Avatar

    i know so little about how to, i had to look up money laundering in the dictionary.

    the only thing i disagree with is this “justice for mike brown” thing. last i heard, the cop had a broken eye socket and the black man got shot. have there been any other developments that show this was not a justified shooting? the only thing that does seem shady as frack, was why the Ferguson police didn’t lead with the broken eye socket. “officer injured, being treated at hospital, blah blah blah notacoverupcakes”. putting that out late looks strange if it was justified.

    1. Forrest Avatar

      I completely agree. The only ones who should be facing justice in this shooting are the officers in Ferguson who threw their fellow officer under the bus by waiting until there were raging fires of protest quite literally burning their town to the ground. If those officers had owned a sense of justice and could grow the pair they should have been born with, they should have led off with the fact that a violent felon assaulted an officer on his way home from a violent robbery and injured that officer so badly that he will be forced to have reconstructive surgery to repair the damage caused by the attack. They wouldn’t have waited days to release the fact that Brown was a criminal who assaulted two people in the minutes before his death or failed to release information to protesters in order to show them that the officer acted in self defense. No, the majority of those protesters wouldn’t have stopped looting TV’s and burning gas stations, but maybe it would have stopped the DOJ from getting involved in the prosecution (notice how his superiors said there would be a “vigorous prosecution” of the incident and not “vigorous investigation?”) and would have kept officers from facing off with violent protests that showed them aiming rifles at unarmed protesters which did nothing but hurt the situation.

      I stand with the officer involved with this shooting, but think the rest of that police department should all be fired for their actions after the shooting.

  9. Nakedgun Avatar

    Forrest; You’re well-named.. I read your comment to say that the Officer should take his beating, possibly be knocked unconscious so the “victim” (big mike) can take his gun or car and do whatever he planned to do (usually taking an Officers gun leads directly to that Officers’ death, and sometimes innocent citizens). Keep-on pre-judging tho; it’s ok for you I guess.

    jpcmt; I laughed when I read that Officers and Teachers are your idea of the “elite.”

    The militarization of Police is overblown. There are some back-woods Departments that are taking advantage of the Military-program, but the bigger Cities have a legitimate need (or real threats) for the armor and weapons. LAPD battled bank-robbery suspects with shotguns, before allowing their Officers to finally carry AR-15’s.

    1. Forrest Avatar

      Nope. You completely mis-read what I said. I stand behind the officer and think he was right to shoot someone who assaulted him. The people I think should take the beating are the ones who threw him under the buss by promising a thorough prosecution instead of investigating and sat on evidence that the officer was justified in defending himself.

      I disagree with your comment about militarization though. My state just purchased two AH-64 attack helicopters and multiple bayonets. Having been through infantry school, I know that the purpose of the bayonet is to “kill, kill, kill with the cold blue steel.” and don’t think see any way cops can “serve and protect” with attack helicopters, bayonets, or M-84 light machine guns. We’ve crossed a line as yesterday’s TTAG post showing SWAT officers pointing their rifles at the head of a man carrying an umbrella has shown. (They were 5 feet away and still had rifles pointed at his head. From 5 feet away, I can tell the difference in an umbrella and an assault rifle.)

      1. LiesofSerpents Avatar

        Forrest. Thank you for being so articulate and to the point on such a sensitive and divisive topic. I believe that there not only can, but there should be less impulsive opinions thrown out and more well thought out positions when discussing this current event. I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment and analysis of the realities which the events in Ferguson have unintentionally brought to the forefront of public discourse.