Cory07ink Stolen Valor Drama

Anyone who follows this blog knows the three things I love the most are when people get trolled, extreme derp, and emmy worthy drama.  People have been emailing me off the hook regarding this Cory drama, so I’ll just compile what I know below:

The issue is with Cory misrepresenting himself as “former military” which he denies doing for the most part – Here are some documents /screenshots and what not at SnipersHide.

There is a thread at which is now up to a whopping 71 pages at the time of witing this.  It’s a pure shitstorm, but since I’m a sucker for punishment and have way too much time on my hands I read all 71 pages.

Here is his apology / explanation (starts at 4:30):

Here are a couple videos people compiled regarding the timeline and documents from SnipersHide:

I don’t know why he didn’t address exactly what those documents said in the apology video.  The clips of the interview he did with Erika are from this video which as you can see is now set to private for some reason.  Why is that?  Dramaaaaaaaa.

It’s pertinent to know that whenever I use the word drama, this is how it sounds / looks in my head:

Anyway, I doubt this is going to just “go away” for him but we’ll see.  On the other hand internet gun related history shows people forget shit VERY quickly, right or wrong on this issue his subscribers and views will likely increase.  That uncovered evidence and the compilation videos seem pretty damning as far as claiming something he isn’t goes. I’m not military though so I don’t really know what all those acronyms and terms mean, and if the timeline discrepancies are correct etc.

Cory-And-Erika-ENDOGuys be like “I saw Cory at Walgreens in a rusty wheelchair wearing three purple hearts, telling the young girl cashiers stories from the sandbox.”  LOL.  I’m just along for the ride, scraping the internet for entertaining stuff and trying to find humor in things and in turn make you laugh.  Please keep emailing me stuff guys, it’s much appreciated.


Hat tip: Brandon, Rodolfo, Derek and more


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  1. JohnnyIShootStuff Avatar

    He got caught. He’s told so many lies that he’s not even sure what lies he’s told. This saga is just the tip of a larger problem in the firearms training business. This is the like the 80’s all over again; a time when the karate kid was popular and McDojos were popping up overnight. Like the McDojos, these firearms trainers are mostly full of crap and teach worthless “my gun fighting is better than your gun fighting” crap. There are three things you can do to bust a fraud.

    1. Ask to see a copy of his/her DD-214
    2. Ask to see a copy of his/her professional liability insurance
    3. Ask to see proof of the all the training they’ve claimed to have taken.

    I see Cory having some tough times ahead, both from his lies and his zoning issues with his range. I bet the girl ditches him too. I don’t feel sorry for these guys who have to tell these lies. Cory wasn’t trolling a forum with BS for fun. He was openly advertising his lies and talking about them on video. The shit storm that’s raining down on him is exactly what he deserves.

    1. me being a newb, what is a DD-214? (too lazy to google)

      1. JohnnyIShootStuff Avatar

        Military discharge papers.

        1. +1

          Thanks for the reply!

  2. FX Hummel Avatar
    FX Hummel

    I’m amazed at how people can dedicated themselves to bringing other people down rather than producing something worthwhile themselves.

    1. Parroting Yeager and Willis I see! – – Even theHossUSMC does not approve of Cory’s actions! –

      1. SittingDown Avatar

        Cliff’s notes on the Yeager comment video: Cory can do no wrong. He’s making us money. Blah Blah Blah. I hid in a ditch. Noses shit stained. The End.

      2. elephantrider Avatar

        I was considering buying an SOE Belt. After seeing him stick up for that lying sack of shit Cory along with Yeager, that guy can go fuck himself with his belts. I’ll never give any of those bearded turds a penny.

        Never liked Cory. The peak of his douchebagery (spelling?) is now shown for all to see. Zero integrity or honor. Do you think his shitty childish behavior was limited to just his decision to go AWOL 10+ years ago? Probably not. The guy is a liar and an opportunist who propelled a Youtube channel with stills of his GFs ass in short shorts. Really substantive person.

    2. Johnnyishootstuff Avatar

      Cory’s lies brought him down. This isn’t critics being subjective over what he’s teaching. He told documented lies and it caught up with him. If you’re going to put videos out there, you can expect BS from trolls, this isn’t the case here. His lies and timelines didn’t work out and someone started looking into it. The gun culture has little tolerance for fake soilders, he knew this and told lies anyway.

    3. TheBear Avatar

      FXHummel – I don’t know if you’ve ever served, but to those of us who have, this shit is a serious, serious matter.

      The fact I think you have mad song writing skills and a so-so singing voice is my opinion. Misrepresenting military service can get a person thrown in jail.

      1. FX Hummel Avatar
        FX Hummel

        If I think something or someone sucks, I’m not going to waste a lot more time on that person making videos, writing posts etc. That was the point I was trying to make.

        1. TheBear Avatar

          You’re probably a more positive person than 90% of the human population, then. :)

          Entire magazines and TV stations are dedicated to nothing other than tearing people down. It’s kind of a constant of our species. I am not condoning negativity. But think; if the standard person were more inclined to create etc., the handful of people who do (like yourself) would not get as much recognition. Pop artists and movie directors would make the same as everyone else.

          Plus, everyone is different (obviously). What I mean by this specifically is that a “waste of time” is a relative thing. I personally enjoy writing, but quite a few people would hate sitting down and mapping out a plot. I personally have grown out of internet drama, but some people /live/ for it.

          I hear your point loud and clear, but to summarize my two counter points:
          1. I think you’re probably the minority in not wanting to spend time or energy on negativity – honestly it can be fun (I keep my vitriol to talking trash in games now). Quite a few of my female friends gossip and it’s the same sort of thing.
          2. To veterans, misrepresenting service is enraging. It’s like… when animal lovers freak out over an abuse video on youtube. Nothing incites my rage like some wangsta claiming he served, especially for personal profit.

          Sorry for the novel.

          1. FX Hummel Avatar
            FX Hummel

            Good points. Some people ask me sometimes why I don’t engage hateful commenters or trolls, and it truly is because I’d rather be doing something else. Also it doesn’t bother me what someone with anonymity says about me, especially when their username is something like “turdbreath45cal” or something. Other dudes, some of them are great friends of mine, like engaging the trolls and haters and that’s cool too. It’s almost like a sport.

            I do get you on the seriousness of the subject matter in this case.

            1. TheBear Avatar

              It sounds like we understand each other then.

              I think we just broke the internet.

              1. Andy Wolf Avatar
                Andy Wolf

                I was steaming in to intervene like a Aegis-class destroyer.

                …. I guess I’ll go back to the dock. Nothing to see here.

            2. There is a difference between being hateful and setting the record straight, exposing liars and cheats. Is it that in the entertainment world any kind of behavior is ok? I remember the crap Metallica caught from some because they wanted to protect their intellectual property while others in the same business didn’t support them. You draw your lines where you see them.

              This is not a personal attack, you seem to be a decent musician who got interested in firearms and decided there was a need, or you just wanted, to make firearms related music. You must come from a far different place than those who depend on their skill or have depended on their skill with arms to survive in their environment. When it’s not just a hobby and have lost friends in gunfights you take it personal when some guy steals the valor of others and pretends to have experience he hasn’t. Every other guitar player may claim to have been at Woodstock or tutored under Mark Knopfler, no one will die because of it, and maybe he can teach others to play in spite of the lies. But it’s amazing to me that someone claiming to have been deployed in combat and offering to teach others based on those lies wouldn’t be seen as a serious problem and something that needs to be exposed.

              Obviously, you know nothing of the world of these guys who take serious offense to Cory claiming glory he didn’t achieve, to claiming experience others died getting. Cory made the choice to enhance his resume by lying about military service, he got caught at it which puts his veracity about everything in question.

              It doesn’t make you a better person by giving him a pass.

        2. But you support him 100%, which means you don’t think he sucks. Which is it?

          1. FXHummel has been whoring himself out to SOE, Yeager, Cory, Erika, ThePatriotNurse & Co. for a while now. I guess now he’s also a bitch who likes to sit on the fence, play both sides, and make some money.

            1. FX Hummel Avatar

              Your boldness and nobleness is equal only to your eloquent command of the English language.

              1. Kind of like when you wrote, “You’re a good dud, Cory. You have our support 100%” ? Yeah, you’re a little bitch.

    4. I’m amazed how people will build up a web of lies into making people believe what they are not. His case is well documented. Stop wearing blinders! Expected a lot more from you….

  3. So he lied but he didn’t lie and it was the admins who misrepresented his service. He sounds pretty nervous in his explanation. The other videos are outstanding. Why do people feel the need to lie about serving? Maybe someone should perform a nice song for him and his storied military service, that is before HE went awol. These lies rest solely on him and him alone.

  4. Just about every tactical trainer has some military or LE background. He may of felt the need to embellish his background to give himself more credibility to his potential students/customers. The apology was self-serving. A guy owning up and telling the truth will come right out and say it. A liar will spend way too much time trying to sell you a explanation and throw other people under the bus, like blaming it on his admins, a head injury, or a foggy memory from 14 years ago. I am so traumatized by my USMC boot camp experience that it’s forever scarred in my brain housing group. Pay attention to his poor eye contact and him scratching his neck. Looking left and right for answers. Compare it to when he talks about their range. He lied to medical staff at MEPS when he failed to dislclose a heart condition and got caught. 13 years later he got caught lying about his miltary service.

    1. JohnnyIShootStuff Avatar

      Most LEO experience is total bullshit. I can tell you, my annual firearms training as mandated by the State of PA and the PA commission on crime and delinquency is total crap. It’s far from what people think it is. Most cops will shoot a few hundred rounds a year and that’s it. You can learn so much more from a mediocre IDPA shooter. LEO qualifications are designed so cops pass and qualify. They’re not course that are movement intensive or structured so half the class won’t pass. I’ve qualified with guys who can shoot a perfect score yet the have trouble reloading and always seem to fumble getting out of the holster. There is never a point in the CoF where we’re time stressed.

      So, as a LEO, I really question when someone tells me about their LEO training. I’m much more receptive to someone who an IDPA Expert or Master or USPSA A class shooter.

      1. My hometown law enforcement agency qualifies with 26 rounds per YEAR. Used to be 50. A lot of those guys don’t shoot other than qualification. I totally agree with what you’re saying. Never figured out how people conclude that automatically LEO = knowledge about guns.

        1. Lolinski Avatar

          What baffles me is how they pass qualification. I don’t rust much, my accuracy score was unchanged in spite of not even touching a gun for two months, but I had to shoot some 100-300 rounds to reach that skill level.

          These guys they shoot 26-50 rounds a year and are qualified?

          1. Not sure. I know it’s not hard, but still for a guy who doesn’t shoot much it might be. But I’m aware of officers who literally don’t shoot between qualifications.

      2. JohnnyIShootStuff Avatar

        My annual is a 60 round qualification course. Over the three days of class we will fire no more than 360 round in practice and qualification. It’s a joke. It’s a basic proficiency test.

    2. exactly I can tell you after 20 years the day I left , the Day I left Basic , went to Tech school , graduated , arrived at duty station , deploy etc .. You remember the truth , hiding lies is exhausting to Mr Cory

      1. John Fritz Avatar
        John Fritz

        Amen to this. Anyone ex-military, no matter HOW long it’s been, can rattle off this stuff w/o even thinking about it. It’s burned into your brain.

        I’ve been out for 30+ years and I can rattle off how many freakin’ TDYs I went on and where they all were. I could recite minutiae about the Air Force in the early 80’s all day long.

        And ordinarily I can’t remember what I had for breakfast.

  5. All valid. He’s a dong. But I think we need to keep in mind here that his girlfriend is so smoking hot… How that is relevant to anything, I’m not sure.

    1. TheBear Avatar

      It’s relevant to his youtube view count.

    2. JohnnyIShootStuff Avatar

      She may be changing her status to single. Who knows.

      1. I think she should. And post nudes.

        1. Awesome! :)

  6. Jerry R Avatar

    I was an early subscriber to their channel. I left after they solicited donations to help them “pay for their range” for the good of all of their subscribers…
    If you decide to spend your time on building your YouTube channel, you better have a better business plan than begging your subscribers for money. If this is a part of the business plan, the rest of your actions aren’t going to educate or impress many either.

  7. I have never heard of anyone getting a “GENERAL DISCHARGE” for medical reasons , In my 9 years 11 months I was in , NEVER , it use to be when I was in 1993-2002 that medical discharge before 6 months TOS was an “administrative discharge” and it was if they never even went through MEPS . Now that may have changed , but bottom line he lied then tossed the “I cant be responsible for what admins say” . I have more respect for Buck Yeager than I do with this guy , at least Buck got shot at and was in country

  8. Cory07stink Avatar

    When they made the interview video private that really didn’t help his case. Lucky it’s on the internet for eternity and people can see what a liar he is. Fucking non apology video, sad. Like an ARFCOMer said you don’t call a video where you’re going to attempt to backpedal on your lies “Internet Drama”. Fuck this guy, and fuck everyone who stands with him after seeing the evidence. He dug himself a deeper hole.

  9. I had an old boss who lied about being ex-SF. I’ve no doubt he had much monetary gain throughout his career riding out that lie. Long story short, his shit got found out by real ex-SF because he decided to keep that lie up on a television program, effectively lifting the rock he had been hiding under and allowing his arrogant ass be exposed as scum he really was. No quarter for anyone who lies about this shit for personal profit.

  10. Cory?

    Is he the dude that played one of the instructors in the Carnik Con Super Pistol vidja?

  11. jim bob Avatar

    i wish we could focus on the pertinent issue here.

    Erica’s ass. That gave me an honorable discharge. DD-21Truth.

    1. TheBear Avatar

      I think she’s had a kid now. That changes everything.

      1. Hahah. Discharge. Yeah, Erica having a kid might be he worst atrocity ever experienced by the gun community.

  12. SHeepdog6 Avatar

    Being an 11B or any time in the service doesn’t qualify you to teach any more that being an LEO does. I know some very good shooters that could teach that have never served, but have the experience and ability to teach others.

    I would rather go to a class taught by someone who can teach me something and is honest about what they have done that qualifies them to teach me. Honesty is a bit of a deal breaker.

    Yeager and Willis have essentially stated that they don’t care that he was dishonest. I don’t care to spend money with them until honesty becomes important to them again. I won’t hold my breath…

    Erika though…mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

  13. Personally I believe this is a good example of company doing major DAMAGE CONTROL after a social media blowup. Cory should have done this a years ago and not when sh&& hit the fan.

  14. Regulus Avatar

    I can really give a shit less. I still like these guys and they are good people.

    1. Regulus , thats because you have no code , no honor , and trust me everyone you walk around knows this , you may not care , but MEN , REAL MEN have an honor system and a code . He lied , he’s a deserter , END OF STORY ,

      1. Regulus Avatar

        ^lol this guy.

        1. With all the replies you got not in your favor, the joke’s on you.

          1. Regulus Avatar

            I’ve been spending the past couple hours reading over the forums and watching the past vids and he did contradict himself royally. Like the 2nd vid here. You guys are right about him. I’ve been watching his vids for the past couple years and it’s just been hard for me to realize he’s a phony. It’s all been Fucking Kabuki. :-( I’m sorry. I do give a shit. It’s just I’ve turned I to a pessimistic bastard latley and this adds to it. It’s a shame really.

            1. Regulus Avatar


    2. Erika'staint Avatar

      I Love these replies “dur! I still like them because they are nice and the way Erika’s ass jiggles when she shoots a .50 prone!”

      Full disclosure: I have watched several of their videos and the only redeeming quality is her ass, and even those are ruined by the random scene of him shooting and then looking around, like no shit tit will be a vid about Erika’s new pink belt/ass and half way through it will cut to him shooting an AR and looking around.

      Tl;DR : their channel is shit and he’s a lair if your support them you’re 20′ douche canoe.

    3. Would you say the same thing if your family doctor’s credentials turned out to be fake too?

    4. ray swiatek Avatar
      ray swiatek

      Good people don’t lie to make money con artist do. Your a pos just like him

  15. I didn’t know about this until now. Thanks for the share Mike!

    In his first video, before he was outed, he explains that before deploying for 9/11 the mitral valve prolapse was discovered, and he got discharged. Now, Cory is saying his “Microvalve Prolapse” was discovered during training. I call bullshit on his entire medical story.

    How he leads with his complaint from his neighbors with the range, mentioning his kid, mis-wording things, mis-ordering things, forgetting his dates and times, completely forgetting about being AWOL, and passing the buck to his admins…

    This just reminds me of the guys who get called out by Don Shipley.

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      Microwaved prolapse. Yeah, you’re f*cked if you get that condition. Literally.

  16. I like the guy as well… but that is not the point. He is not coming out of the valor closet and appologising because he feels bad but because his business is going to suffer. Even the video title “internet drama” he chose is a bit offensive and takes away from his apology. No one made him lie… it was his choice.

    1. TheBear Avatar

      Guy’s a douche and pimps his gf/wife out for youtube views.


      1. jim bob Avatar

        she is still his girlfriend. apparently he cannot commit to Uncle Sam NOR women.

        1. TheBear Avatar


    2. I don’t think his intention was to apologize, it was his rabid fan’s and detractors who intended that to be an apology. It was obviously a ‘clarification’ and calming video meant to distract the massess from his obvious thievery as he stuttered through some BS that’s not even true while throwing his ‘admins’ under the bus.

      He and his gal have great intentions, are good and qualified instructors as far as I’m concerned, but he’s stolen from the sacrifice of countless real heros by taking upon himself their honorable service. The idiots posting comments under his “Internet Drama” video are delusional and not right in the head, including the vets that say they’d go to war with Cory any day of the week. Sad that he’s pulling negative comments from there in even further attempts to conceal his dishonesty.

  17. I think it’s pretty clear he represented himself as being former military to bolster his background, because otherwise he doesn’t have any. It doesn’t matter how good of a guy he is, or how good of a instructor he is when he lies about his military service record. He’s also in his mid 30s which means he’s old enough to know better.

    I watched his channel because it was the few on YouTube that was tangentially about actual shooting, and not just retards aping Magpul videos, or giving their opinions on gear they knew nothing about.

    But now that Cory can’t even say ‘whoop’s, my bad, fucked up, sorry’, I’ve unfollowed from IG and YT.

    1. Make sure thumbs down his apology video while you’re at it – I’m surprised how green that bar is!

  18. Drapetomanius Avatar

    I just watch for the ass. As a former LEO/CO/Mil I could not care less what street cred some content generator claims. I didn’t care when Dave Canterbury was “outed” because I like his content.

  19. Rob Garza Avatar
    Rob Garza

    Its time that someone with valid evidence came forward to the following agencies for prosecution. This is a serious matter and should not be taken lightly.

    1. Agreed! Don’t forget the FBI and U.S. Attorney’s Office.

  20. LOL. Mick Strider tried that years ago and got nuked on bladeforums, people never learn.

  21. As soon as i see the “search and assess” operator non-sense in these videos I tune out. They look like they are about to roll through a 4-way stop.

    I don’t care much on the outcome of this… there are 3 versions of the truth always. The internet mob has a way of crucifying people before all the facts come out. Not that it should really matter.. i would much rather spend my hard earned money drinking beers with Jerry Miculek than operating with these YouTube operators. Probably learn a lot more just being in Jerry’s presence than spending all day pushing+searching+assessing at invisible threats.

  22. ray swiatek Avatar
    ray swiatek

    Not only has he lied and changed his story he steals other instructors material and uses it in the classes he teaches. Cory running man Jackson is the new Gecko45.

  23. That poor young woman, hes a preditor

  24. Fact Finder Avatar
    Fact Finder

    Is it Micro Valve prolapse lol, yet another lie

    Mitral valve prolapse (MVP) occurs when the valve between your heart’s left upper chamber (left atrium) and the left lower chamber (left ventricle) doesn’t close properly.

    1. ray swiatek Avatar
      ray swiatek

      I’m surprised he didn’t claim getting a Purple Hart for that.

  25. Fact Finder Avatar
    Fact Finder

    Well he now realized that TIME WILL TELL, IT WILL TELL ON YOU EVERYTIME!!!! Really hes a wanna be cop and because of his record no department will hire him ever. There is a widespread concern that he was mentally unstable, too bad for HIPPA. It may be that he shouldn’t handle weapons under any circumstances.

  26. Bottom line most commenters who are sqwaking about stolen valor never even tried to serve or have any appreciable skills to train people with.

    Two weeks ago I was with a friend at lunch who was on the Enterprise 9/11/01 as a flight mechanic, when this other guy tells him that he was “SF along time ago”. When it became obvious the clown didn’t know shit about the Navy my friend politely said good day and stopped talking to him.

    He didn’t flip out and call the cops or cry about it on some forum, he simply said that he knew that he was fortunate to serve when he did and that was enough for him.

    The idea that someone can steal your valor is horseshit propagated by people who are insecure about there own accomplishments.

  27. Ron im betting you didnt serve. Standing on your friends acconplishments doesnt mean you served

  28. Ted Fernyhough Avatar
    Ted Fernyhough

    Anyone who spits the dummy BEFORE Basic Training even starts isn’t qualified to tell me how to wipe my butt, let alone how to wield the superhigh speed, light weight, tricked out, tactical rifle-of-certain-death AR15.

    He always struck me as a ‘Gear Queer’ anyway. Those guys accessories their rifles more than my daughter does her Barbie Doll.

    Facial hair and tattoos are a piss poor substitute for having hauled a rifle and pack up and down a few hills…in the rain…through the mud…with no sleep…and crap food…and blisters..etc.

    But his GF does ave a nice tush. No argument there..

  29. Kristi and GUN-TIME hands down over Erika Range Time Ts. Kristi don’t need to down size her cloths to show her natural talent or catch a look.

  30. He’s a liar and then made a video about lying that was a lie as well. “Micro valve prolapse”…He should have at least googled that shit before claiming he had it. “If I drink an energy drink and eat a chocolate bar, I could have a heart attack…” Oh wow… “I was an all-star athlete and received many scholarships in high school..” Yeah right Cory, you don’t look like an athlete, even a little bit…and the fact that you turned down ‘many scholarships’ to do some sort of half-assed ROTC/AWOL national guard gig, is just lame. Face it, you are a wanna-be who got caught lying. Someone put the work in to get the FOIA info on your AWOL arrest and the rest is history.
    Nice to see you have a felon and a coward vouching for you. Birds of a feather. Good luck bilking others now, the word is out and isn’t going away.