A Weapon For Criminals?

OMG DERP DERP DERP the Army is looking at new handgun options… the streets will run red:


Full story at the Fiscal Times.

An actual quote from the beginning of the article:

There’s a new semi-automatic handgun on the horizon for the Army that U.S. consumers may have access to almost immediately. When that happens, America’s emergency rooms better be prepared for the carnage that’s likely to follow.

Get this lady a job in Hollywood, seriously.

Almost as good as the Derping Stone Magazine article about all types of guns being the top 5 most dangerous guns in America.

Thoughts?  Are you looking forward to this new (old but adopted probably) carnage gun as much as I am?

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12 responses to “A Weapon For Criminals?”

  1. JohnnyIShootStuff Avatar

    Nice, this crappy author uses D.C. in the 80’s as his main argument. Handguns were banned there bro. How about using Kennesaw, GA as an example – a place where every home is required to have a firearm and there happens to be about -21% crime.

    1. Negative 21%? So people are doing anti-crime?!

  2. Ruger MKIII for their new handgun w/ all new left side ejection? Good luck winning conflicts, they are impossible to disassemble hahaha. (i spent 5 hours hitting mine with a hammer and cursing the first time)

  3. This is worse than the Rolling Stone Article by a long shot.

  4. The FT post is a poor regurgitation of this The Atlantic piece: http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2014/07/how-military-guns-make-the-civilian-market/375123/

    The author seems to think that military adoption drives commercial innovation, rather than the reverse. He doesn’t seem to realize the obvious logical problem that the Army looking to reap the advantages and development of the current commercial handgun market means the market already has those advantages. And while he mentions the fact that the previous time correlated with the crack epidemic and high crime of the 80s and 90s, seems to blame FOPA instead for “deregulation”. It’s an extremely poor argument.

  5. Almost as hilarious is the link on that page to the article “10 weapons you won’t believe are legal.” It contains absolutely horrific weapons as (I shit you not) “chain whip”, “nunchucks”, “crossbow”, “Katana”, “speargun” and the most lethal of all weapons, the “umbrella sword”. How the streets have not run red with the blood of the innocents by now, I have no idea.

    1. Two sentences into the article my eyes shot straight to the “10 weapons” click bait! I lolled at Nunchucks because that is definitely a weapon that most users would only injure themselves with.

    2. Haha.

      What’s funny is that when I was a kid we used to go to the flea market and buy chucks, sai, throwing star, pocket knives, etc. at this surplus vendor. He also carried Soldier of Fortune magazine which we would pour over endlessly.

      No one raised an eyebrow and no one got hurt. We used to run around the neighborhood in our Sho Kosugi ninja garb and have a lot of fun. We operated so hard.

      Nowadays you’d get MRAP’ed for that or wind up on a watch list.

      1. Yep, the good ‘ole days freely carrying around ninja weaponry that was apparently banned in all 50 states. Never could kill birds or cats or anything but snails were dead meat when the neighborhood ninjas came around.

  6. Yeah, a rehash of the article in the Atlantic a week or so ago. The Fiscal Times does not supply a link to the Atlantic even though they quote the article verbatim on the most derpy bits.

    The Atlantic article noted they would choose from tremendously powerful mass casualty rounds like the .357sig or fortay cal, or perhaps even the mythological .45. No discussion of the 10mm, because the 10mm is the freedom round (as in, all 10 articles of the Bill of Rights, not 9 by the ACLU count) and the government cannot handle it. They tried it once, it was too powerful.

    As the Atlantic article intimates, none of these mystical rounds are available on the civilian market now, of course. And, I am sure they want to pick a gun that’s completely out of sync with NATO.

    On a more serious note, I predict the military will go through the motions of a massive change, only to make a few tweaks and hand a contract to the politically connected. None of that will prevent the gun death propaganda machine from hysterically shouting about the sky falling.

  7. IllTemperedCur Avatar

    So the Army is buying Derringers?

    1. Whoa whoa whoa. Derringers??!! Won’t somebody think of the children?? Those are almost as deadly as a Taurus judge with bird shot or even the racking (and not firing) of a 12 gauge pump gun! Who needs a pistol that shoots TWO rounds anyway. Goddam bush.