Gun YouTubers On Patreon

You can support Richard Ryan & Chaos311Clarity:

You can find Richard Ryan’s Patreon page here.

You can find Chaos311Clarity’s Patreon page here.

Chaos311clarity-ENDORichard-Ryan-Deagle-ShirtGoogle Ads unfortunately just isn’t paying what it used to.  These guys are being humble and asking for your help, if you enjoy the vids and have some spare money you’d be able to throw their way to go towards the cause.  There are reward levels set up depending on how much you donate, but I think the best rewards are intrinsic; knowing that you’re helping them continue to put out videos / being a nice person by donating to something you definitely could just sit back and view for free.

I know this isn’t something I’d normally post, but these are both great guys who put out awesome stuff, and they have always been big supporters of ENDO!


5 responses to “Gun YouTubers On Patreon”

  1. Good luck doodz.

    I’ve got Sally Struthers lined up.

    For one dollar a day you can sponsor a youtube operator in the woods of the pacific northwest…

  2. I like both of these guys on YouTube but like most people I do not have extra money to commit to something which like you stated is otherwise free. It’s unfortunate the ads aren’t more than covering the costs just based on the number of views. RatedRR has quite a bit more subs/views than Chaos so maybe he’s making due with ads.

  3. @Matt LOL! Nice:)

  4. We’ve actually found a small measure of success on Patreon for We Like Shooting. Patreon is awesome!

    (I’m not linking here as my intent isn’t to pander for patrons)

  5. There is no way youtube ads have covered ratedRR’s expenses. Lol. His stuff is high budget as hell!