Silencerco Flexes On The Industry As A Whole

Silencerco knows that if you got it flaunt it:

Does Silencerco really make more suppressors than anyone else in the market? Or is that one of those “World’s first commercially viable shotgun suppressor” type statements?

Silencerco-Tramp-Stamp-LogoDamn good commercial, I’ll say that much.  Three tears colored red white and blue ran down my cheek as the video wrapped up, and they tasted delicious like freedom.


Hat tip: James


6 responses to “Silencerco Flexes On The Industry As A Whole”

  1. HYTfyt Avatar

    You might hear some argument about the Sparrow being the quietest. There is a video floating around of a side by side decibel test against the Tactical Solutions Axiom suppressor that beats the Sparrow. Overall, Silencerco is a killer company. I really hope they keep the humble attitude they have had that has helped them get to where they are now!

  2. Silencerco supposedly has 50% of Silencers as a whole…

  3. Jim Jones Avatar
    Jim Jones

    God damn I love America!

  4. I was hoping for some booty with the bikini shot pic in the post. :(

  5. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are the manufacturer with the largest output of firearm mufflers; Most shops that sell cans seem to have a good stock of silencerco products, and they certainly sell.

    For the most part, they seem to be producing innovative designs, actually bringing them to market, and doing so at a competitive price. They also seem to get social media more than their competition.

  6. “We even warranty stupid….. once”… lol