Jerry Miculek Looks At Some Rare Guns With Reed Knight

Semi-Auto 1903 Springfield rifle (bolt action converted):

Prototype Automatic AR-10:

Jerry-MiculekHoly that collection is incredible.  Reed Knight is an interesting guy.

Good stuff.  Jerry’s channel is quickly becoming among my favorites on YouTube.


7 responses to “Jerry Miculek Looks At Some Rare Guns With Reed Knight”

  1. derpmaster Avatar

    I’m disappointed that Jerry didn’t get to shoot some speed drills with the 1903.

    1. Confusias Avatar

      I was disappointed not to see it shoot at all, I bet that action looks like ballet of controlled chaos. That AR-10 on full auto was nuts though… Jerry’s reaction was priceless “like it’s mad at ammunition…” I lol’d

  2. Jerry seems like exactly the kind of guy it would be fun to go shooting with or fishing for an afternoon. I’m digging his channel.

    Plus as an added bonus I don’t think I’ve heard him refer to himself in the third person yet.

    Paging the L.A.V.!

    Lol Though, I think Larry is cool too.

  3. That is bloody cool. I’ve heard of the Pedersen device before, but not this!

    1. shockfish08 Avatar

      It would be truly awesome if someone somewhere did a live fire demo with a Pederson device in a 1903. The Ian guy from Forgotten Weapons and Knight should team up and do more in-depth reviews and take-downs of such weapons.

      1. Same here, I discovered recently about the Pedersen device, to shoot the 1903 in Semi-Auto, but this steampunk conversion is mad !

        I really liked when Jerry shoots the AR-10 in full auto and starts laughing like a child, or like anybody who’s never shoot before… Except that this guy has a lot of experience, so I guess this kind of reaction means the AR-10 must be SO fun to shoot.

        Looks very slick, and not outdated though…

  4. Becklopedia Avatar

    4:36 – Can we talk about the fact that Jerry is using the AOWB (Appendix Outside Waste Band) method to carry his smartphone?