Guardians Of The Galaxy – Trailer

This contains a sassy Raccoon who likes guns.  Enough said:

Guardians-Of-The-GalaxyLooks like it will be entertaining enough.   Special effects are so crazy now.

In theaters July 31st. Are you planning on seeing it?


8 responses to “Guardians Of The Galaxy – Trailer”

  1. Cubbie Avatar

    I’d see it if it was a honey badger instead of a raccoon.

  2. I’d prefer if the instead made a full version of Chat Shit One.

    1. Todd S Avatar

      I loved that one.

  3. Todd S Avatar

    I fully plan on seeing this. I love Rocket Raccoon.

  4. They had me at the first trailer, and they just keep getting better.

    I am groot. :)

  5. Nakedgun Avatar

    I’ll catch it on late-night cable, as long as no one’s around to see me watching it..

  6. hydepark Avatar

    So now we finally know what the fox says??

    Hopefully this isn’t nearly as lame as the Thor, Captain America, or Avengers movies were. Such Hollywood abortions each and every one of them.

  7. Hell. Yes.