Getting That Saddam Money 10 Mil Stacked

A soldier brought this bronze bust home from Iraq in 2003:



17 inches in height, it formed part of a 15 ft. statue of Saddam.

Lucky guy he was able to get this back to the US.  I wonder what his rank was?  If it wasn’t high up I imagine he really had to hide this thing due to its potential worth. Sure sounds like it will be a nice payday for him and his family wow.

If I had hundreds of millions of dollars in the bank I’d buy it.  I’d probably build a fountain where a soldier or a cherub was peeing on his head just for kicks.


Full Story – Daily Mail


7 responses to “Getting That Saddam Money 10 Mil Stacked”

  1. The article says he got documentation. Early in the war there were items that were allowed to be brought back. Rifles were authorized for units or training (with proper paperwork).

  2. JohnnyIShootStuff Avatar

    Why not, we didn’t get the Iraqi oil. Someone might as well get something out of that waste of a war.

  3. Allen Avatar

    Hood ornament?

  4. Grindstone Avatar

    Hot Shots! Part Deux, anyone?

  5. hydepark Avatar

    Shouldn’t he have a rope around the neck with a bunch of guys in ski masks and leather jackets?

  6. dgdimick Avatar

    That’s why that crate weighed so damn much

  7. FYI – I’m a different Eric than the first commentator.

    Anyone else think it’s awesome we have a federal law called, “War booty: procedures for handling and retaining battlefield objects” (10 U.S. Code § 2579)?

    Anyways – Government orders soldier to fight enemy, soldier finds enemy’s war booty, government allows soldier to keep said war booty, soldier eventually sells war booty, government taxes said war booty to pay for next war. Anyone else find this ironic?